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How Corys Electrical Integrated with Fergus


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How Corys Electrical Integrated with Fergus
Take the hassle out of quoting, purchase orders and invoicing

Cash flow is king when you run a small business, and processes are queen. Or the other way around. Whatever. These two things go hand in hand. And we know full well how important they are to keeping your business afloat.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Corys Electrical in New Zealand to help streamline your workflow and help speed up your cash flow.

Now Corys Electrical price books will automatically sync to your Fergus system, and invoices and credit notes will feed straight from Corys into Fergus.

It’s going to take all the guesswork out of quoting and creating purchase orders, and it will make invoicing out to your customers faster than ever before.

Here’s how.

Accurate prices without uploading CSV files

Forget contacting Corys for the latest price books then uploading the CSV files.

Corys price books - with prices specific to your business -  will now automatically sync and update once a month into your Fergus account.

Simply click on the line items in your pricebook to automatically populate a customer quote, with your preloaded mark ups and margins.

You can now be sure the prices are correct, saving you from having to adjust the quote at a later date or footing the bill for any price fluctuations.

Materials line up against a job automatically

Every time you purchase materials from Corys, your Corys invoice will automatically load back into the Fergus system, and the line items will populate against your jobs.

The prices (with your mark ups and margins) will then automatically feed into the invoice that goes out to your customer.

No more trying to line up material costs and credit notes against a job before sending out a customer invoice. Just give the invoice a once over and click and approve to send.

Automatic invoice synching will help make sure you’re oncharging all your material costs to the customer and remove the human error that comes with pinpointing materials to each job.

Keep the cash flowing

Corys invoices will now feed into Fergus in real-time. This means you’ll have a completed invoice ready to send out to your customer as soon as the job is done.

This is huge for your business, because the sooner you invoice, the quicker you will get paid.

A recent study produced by MYOB discovered that sending your invoice out on the day the job is done means you’re twice as likely to get paid within the week, compared to invoicing within 1-3 days after the job is completed.

Where do I start?

It’s simple to get started with our Corys Integration. Take a look at our easy-to-follow guide to find out out how to activate your Corys and Fergus accounts.

Don’t have a Fergus account but want to see how our Corys Integration can help you quote and invoice fast and accurately? Click below and our team will get you set up or sign up for a free trialtoday and use the guide.

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