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A trip down memory lane...

Well, it’s about that time. We’re mere hours away from closing our doors for another year, what better time to take a trip down memory lane.

2019 has been a huge year for us at Fergus, check out a few of the highlights below (but be warned, we’re about to get a little sentimental).

The Fergus product has taken leaps and bounds

Our Product and Engineering team have been putting in the hard yards to deliver shiny new features, as well as the more subtle improvements you will have noticed in the app.

We’ve ticked the box with Checklists

When it comes to ensuring internal processes and procedures are followed, Checklists has you covered. Whether it be for quality control or meeting Health & Safety requirements, Checklists ensure tradies take the right steps, every time giving Managers and Business Owners peace of mind. Less hand-holding means more time doing the things that count. Check out the video here.

We’re making the paper trail a thing of the past

We’re further reducing the paper trail (and saving the trees) by partnering with key trades suppliers. By getting their systems talking to Fergus, more of our customers can enjoy the efficiency and time savings that come with getting the end-to-end job done, all from within Fergus. Check out our latest product integrations:

We’ve put you in the driving seat with Site Management

We know that not all jobs and sites are the same. For instance, sometimes it’s Bob who calls to request the work, but Mary that needs to be invoiced. Site Management was introduced to give you more control over what contacts are connected to what jobs and sites. Check out the video here.

We’re keeping it simple

When it comes to User Experience (the way tradies interact and use the App), we know the job is never done. Our designers and developers are constantly looking for ways to make things as simple and efficient as possible and have implemented several improvements this year.

The Fergus family has grown

It makes our hearts happy to think about the hundreds of new trades and service businesses we’ve welcomed to the Fergus family over the past 12 months. When Dan (our Founder) started Fergus Software, he was determined to have a positive impact on as many trades businesses as possible. Every customer we sign-up to Fergus, and the awesome feedback we receive, is felt as a real accomplishment for him and the team and reminds us of why we do what we do.

We’ve also on-boarded a number of new “Fergusites” to our team this year, including developers, support staff and marketers. 2019 also saw David Holmes take the reins as Fergus’ CEO. His appointment has seen us challenge the way we do things to make for an even better customer experience, product and team culture.

Emerging Company of the Year - say what?

The New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards celebrate the country’s most successful high-tech companies and this year Fergus was honoured to receive a Highly Commended award at the Hi-Tech Awards for Emerging Company of the Year.

Stoked would be an understatement. Being recognised for the work we are doing was awesome and gave the team more reason and drive to keep pushing the boundaries.

Wow! What a year it’s been. We’re about to embark on a new decade and there is only more exciting things to come. We can’t wait to share what we’ve got in store with you, watch this space!

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