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How Fergus Checklists Improves Internal Processes

How Fergus Checklists Improves Internal Processes

Implementing processes and procedures that your team have to stick to for quality control or H&S is absolutely critical to running successful trades businesses at scale, but it’s not a good use of anyone’s time constantly supervising team members day after day to make sure work is up to standard. That’s why we built Checklists.

Checklists is a new way of implementing processes of tasks for your team in Fergus and making sure that the right steps are taken in any given process, freeing up operational managers and business owners from constant supervision.

You can now create Checklist templates or one-off Checklists to keep an eye on the progress made on jobs in the office or work completed on-site. Checklists are designed with the user in mind and have simple drag-and-drop functionality with the three main elements: header, text field & description.

Checklists can be assigned to a single user or groups of people. You can create templates for tasks on jobs that need to be completed regularly and you can update them if changes need to be made to processes in the future.

All activities on checklists are recorded in the user log so you’ll always have a record of any changes. You can easily stay on top of overdue items as they appear with a warning at line item level reminding you that they need to be completed.

Checklists are available on the Fergus Professional Plan.

Check out our set up video to get started with Checklists or read our help article or watch our recorded product release webinar here.

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