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2 mins customer stories

Fergus streamlines Santa’s rebuild - saving the workshop.

In early December there was an unexpected blizzard in the North Pole, causing significant damage to Santa’s workshop, leaving the Clauses heartbroken and worried about how deer the cost of rebuilding the workshop during the Christmas season would be.

The harsh arctic conditions caused broken windows, burst pipes in the kitchen, and created a gaping hole in the roof.

Mr Claus explains “It was critical that the repair was completed on time, so that the elves could stay on track preparing for our biggest night of the year.

Mr Claus hired repairs and maintenance company, Sno Problem, having herd of their professionalism and timeliness.

With a heavy workload ahead and little time, successful job management was key to Sno Problem restoring the North Pole workshop in time, and it was imperative that they had a robust system to support them.

“We used Fergus to quickly cost the job, schedule the guys and make sure materials were ready on time. This made it easier to manage the work and finish the job on time for Mr & Mrs Claus” - Calvin, Director, Sno Problem.

With materials being organised efficiently using supplier integrations and the whole team having easy access to job scope, hazards and files/photos via the mobile app, the team were able to restore the workshop in just a matter of weeks.

“Having the guys on the tools use the Fergus mobile app means they were able to report on progress, track time and even collect payment with FergusPay at the end of the job.

The North Pole workshop rebuild was completed without a hitch, and the elves managed to wrap up the project just in time.

Mrs Claus and I are over the moon, everything’s in great Nick. The team at Sno Problem were efficient, transparent and professional in their project management - which made it easy to trust they would get the job done on time and on budget.“.

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