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Fergus Integrating with Plumbing Works


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Fergus Integrating with Plumbing Works

As any Tradie knows, keeping track of invoices and credits from your suppliers, and matching them to the right job, can be a nightmare.

Or, at least a time-wasting piece of admin you could definitely do without.

That’s where our latest integration with Plumbing World comes in. Now, every time you buy materials from Plumbing World, the invoice will automatically sync against the right job in your Fergus account.

And, what’s even better, the materials included in the invoice will then feed into the invoice you send out to your customer.

It’s another smart integration designed to save you time and ensure all your material costs are accounted for.

How does it work?

When you buy plumbing materials online, in store, on the phone, or online, simply mention the Fergus job number.

Then, when Plumbing World generate the invoice, it will automatically appear against the job in your Fergus account.

Same goes for credits. They will also sync against the right job in Fergus provided you’ve given the job number.

What’s in it for me?

No more waiting for your Plumbing World invoice to come in and then uploading it to Fergus when you’re back in the office - all of this is done in an instant without you even having to open the Fergus app!

There’s also no more waiting until the job is done to find out how much you actually spent. You can track up-to-date costs on a job whenever you want.

How do I get started?

It’s simple to get started in less than 2 minutes. Login to Fergus now.

Not already with Fergus? No problem! Sign up for a free trial of Fergus Job Management Software for Plumbers and Gasfitters now.

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