J.T. Carter Plumbers increase cash flow and strike better work-life balance

“We got onto Fergus and in just one quarter we smashed an extra 20-30% onto our sales through sheer organisational-efficiency.”

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Customer Story - J.T. Carter Plumbers
Electrical, Air Conditioning & Security

Activ8 halve admin time and make remote working a breeze

“Fergus is an easy and user-friendly way for our guys to get all their paperwork done out on the road.”

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Customer Story -  Activ8

Watersmith Plumbing and Gas shares secrets to success

''It never really seems like work to me, it seems more like a lifestyle. I couldn't imagine going back to working for anyone else now,'' - Andrew, Owner, Watersmith Plumbing and Gas

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Customer Story -  Watersmith Plumbing and Gas

Cable Systems: How job management software enables growth

“We can now see what’s coming up, whether we will be short on staff, and whether we need to move people around etc. But more importantly we have the ability to look at the profit per job rather than just on a monthly or yearly basis.”

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Customer Story - Cable Systems

How E J Lack Electrical minimised paperwork and increased chargeable hours

Anthony estimates the amount of time he and his staff spend on data entry has shrunk by 30-50%. The amount of physical paper lying around the office, such as invoices, and delivery notes, is also down by at least 95%.

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Customer Story - E J Lack Electrical

Malady Electrical: How getting visibility across financial reporting is the key to unlocking success

"We could immediately identify areas where our margins were great and not so great. We could tell that at a glance in Fergus.''

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Customer Story - Malady Electrical
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