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Track and capture job info from anywhere

✔ Record time team members time on-site automatically

✔ Sync material invoices from plumbing suppliers and match costs to every job

✔ Automate payment reminders to customers with overdue invoices


Simple invoicing, billing and payments

✔ Pinpoint exactly which jobs and tasks are holding your revenue up

✔ Generate WIP reports to show billable hours and profit margins on different job types

✔ Create one source of truth for job scope, schedule, updates and more

“We're now invoicing 5-15% more in materials which were missed entirely before Fergus.”

Anthony, Owner at E J Lack Electrical

Maximise your team's billable hours

✔ Use GPS tracking to see where your team are and where they've been throughout the day

✔ Access up-to-date job cards for real-time job information on-site

✔ View employee summaries to monitor their work and billing hours

Seamlessly integrates with all your favourite tools
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