Integrate with Middy's and save time
Take the hassle out of admin

Track and capture job info from anywhere

✔ Record time team members time on-site automatically

✔ Sync material invoices from plumbing suppliers and match costs to every job

✔ Automate payment reminders to customers with overdue invoices


Simple invoicing, billing and payments

✔ Pinpoint exactly which jobs and tasks are holding your revenue up

✔ Generate WIP reports to show billable hours and profit margins on different job types

✔ Create one source of truth for job scope, schedule, updates and more

“Before Fergus we would use a massive paper-based model. It was hard to keep track of labour, materials or figure out how to use them on other jobs. It was pretty tough to get through all that.”

Ben Davis, Co-Owner, KVA Group

Maximise your team's billable hours

✔ Use GPS tracking to see where your team are and where they've been throughout the day

✔ Access up-to-date job cards for real-time job information on-site

✔ View employee summaries to monitor their work and billing hours

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of electricians

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