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Don't take our word for it

We have users all over the world from electricians through to landscapers, check out how they've used Fergus to transform their businesses.

“It was a big call to move from my previous job management system to Fergus! I should have done it years earlier! I could not possibly mention all the benefits I have found since moving to Fergus.”
David Sander,

Rawlinson Plumbing and Gas Ltd

“Such a great program, it has literally cut my office time from 1 day per week to 1 day per month. Cant recommend it enough, great to make jobs easily trackable, paperless while also keeping file of jobs forever. Get into it!”
Blair Findlay,

RLS Electrical

“It has proved to be exactly what I was looking for. I spend less time on the laptop and more time with the family.”
Ronald Overdevest,

RAO Electrical

“I can do everything from my phone, computer or tablet. That's why Fergus is such a great match for me.”

Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith,

Watersmith Plumbing and Gas

“We have tried 3 other management tools and by far Fergus stands out as the winner. If you want something quick and easy to use on a phone it works great.”
Amelia Grace,

Grace Plumbing

How to start a successful plumbing business
How to start a successful plumbing business

It’s not work, it’s a lifestyle. That’s according to plumber and business owner Andrew Smith. He’s two years on from setting up his first business..

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“The notes and history function in Fergus is invaluable as it keeps track of all the emails sent, questions and notes on the job so all staff can see at a glance what is going on.”
Leanne Briggs,

Progress Plumbing

“Simple and really easy software to use. Saves me lots of time with quoting and invoicing. Cheap packages for what you get.”
Jason Holdt,

HeatCool Taranaki

“I have 2 -3 employees and I probably use only a portion of what Fergus can do but it makes job allocation very easy to organise, invoicing very easy and fast, and I can do it from my office or from the beach!”
Peter Ridley,

P R Plumbing Services

“I have used MYOB, Geo Op and Workflow Max in the past but am so happy to have changed to Fergus [& Xero].”
Sonya Chambers,

JT Property Wash

“I can easily see my financial position at a glance, see my profit on a job when pricing, set pricing structures for clients and scheduling is easy.”
Clinton Stokes,

Remarkable Plumbing & Gas

“Our workers absolutely love Fergus and find it really easy to use. Fergus has helped us keep on track and we can even invoice out the same day if we need to.”
Samantha McMiken,

Tilyard Plumbing

“Fergus is designed specifically for trades which suits us perfectly. It integrates seamlessly with Xero which means jobs are automatically filed when paid, saving me time.”
Nina Parker,


“Fergus has changed the way we do business, it has streamlined so many of our old business practices. We don't have staff to do admin work, and it was something I would do after hours. I would go through all of my own notes as well as my teams notes to try and figure out what to charge. Now it’s all in one place, right where I need it when creating invoices.”
Mike Gibson,

Northbrook Group LTD

“ We are a plumbing company in Brisbane with 10 staff, we send invoices from Fergus to customers and it links with Xero. The team at Fergus spent a lot of time with us gonig through the setup, so when we went live it didn’t take long to get the hang of it.”
Tony Bonehill,

Emu Plumbing Gas Fitting & Solar

“It communicates well with Xero to make bank reconciliation and paying supplier accounts really efficient. ”
Louise McLean,

Laser Plumbing Mudgee

“Great app, really user friendly and intuitive. Easy importing of supplier invoices and pricebooks, easy editing of invoicing by markup and continuous development.”
Kevin Henderson,

Optum Limited

“I love that everything is only a click away. Job costing and invoicing is extremely easy and can be done every day. Nothing gets lost if its loaded into the job. ”
Trevor Davis,

Chadoak Building & Maintenance Pty Ltd