Create customised forms straight from your Fergus account

Creating personalised forms for jobs on Fergus has been a highly requested feature, so we’re super excited to be able to introduce our latest Add-On, Forms....

3 mins All

A trip down memory lane...

Well, it’s about that time. We’re mere hours away from closing our doors for another year, what better time to take a trip down memory lane....

5 mins tradie tips

4 Ways to Nail Your Pricing Structure

Come on down, welcome to The Price is Right. Remember this classic television game show where contestants jumped with excitement on getting the call up?...

3 min read tradie tips

How to get your team on-board with new systems

We all know you didn’t learn your trade in a day, it takes long hours digging foundations in the rain, sweeping up Gib dust and crawling under houses as well as copious amounts of bookwork to shape a competent Tradesperson....

3 mins tradie tips

When to Flash Cash and When To Save It

The simple approach to managing overheads is to spend as little as possible, to keep net profit as high as it can be. Sounds nice in theory right, but the reality is sometimes you have to spend money to make money....



3 mins tradie tips

Which overheads you can and can't control

If you’ve been following this series of blogs or you’ve heard me speaking at an event before, you’ll be familiar with my bucket analogy....



2 mins tradie tips

Is it time to hire an office person?

As we’ve covered in earlier blogs, invoicing daily is vital to maintaining positive cash flow and it should be one of your main priorities - because the faster you get the invoice out the door, the faster money will come back in!...



3 mins tradie tips

Check out our top 10 blogs from 2018

Check out our Top 10 Blogs of 2018 to help you start the New Year on the right foot. 10. How to quote right...


Digital Marketing Specialist

2 mins product

Fergus now integrates with Chesters

Imagine how much time you would save if you could shop from your favourite supplier and have supplier invoices automatically pair with their corresponding jobs?...


Product Manager

2 mins customer stories

Fergus streamlines Santa’s rebuild - saving the workshop.

In early December there was an unexpected blizzard in the North Pole, causing significant damage to Santa’s workshop, leaving the Clauses heartbroken and worried about how deer the cost of rebuilding the workshop during the Christmas season would be....

3 mins tradie tips

How to get quoting right for jobs you do often

I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to get quotes right, it’s vital to you making a profit. On average, 30% of a trade business’s revenue comes from quoting, so if you want to grow your business and not go bankrupt you need to get it right....



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