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Ideal for Plasterers, painters, concrete layers, roofers and small construction firms. Manage your team with the noticeboard, timesheet and payroll integrations and take payments on the go.

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Ideal for Plumbers, electricians, HVAC, landscapers, GPS tracking, high volume service work. Add in-depth business reporting and certifications to make sure you have all your bases covered.

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Frequently asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions here.

How do I figure out what plan I should be on?

We suggest you have a chat with one of our account managers to get you started. Most Fergus customers are on the Professional Plan, as it's our most powerful business tool.

What’s the difference between Time Sheet Only and a Full User?

Each user type will have different abilities depending on your plan. In essence:

Timesheet Only

A Timesheet Only user is for 1st year Apprentices. You need to track their time, and they need the ability to see job scope, and files and photos from the job site.

Full User

A Full User is for Business Owners, Operation Managers, Site Foremen, Office Managers, and Administrators. They need access to everything, and the ability to complete important tasks such as invoicing, business reporting and certification.

Are there any set up fees?

No, simply sign up for a free 30 day trial to hit the ground running.

How does the free trial work?

Simply sign up for a free trial on the Fergus website to receive Professional for 30 days. This includes everything; unlimited users, quoting, invoicing and everything else Fergus has to offer.

Do you offer yearly pricing plans?

No, at Fergus we like to keep things simple. Charging month-by-month allows us to offer you the flexibility to add and remove users, as and when it suits you.

Are there any limits in upgrading/downgrading between plans?

No. You have complete control over when you upgrade or downgrade your plan and your monthly charge will reflect this in a pro rata amount.

What happens if I need to change plans during my billing cycle?

You have complete control over when you upgrade or downgrade your plan and your monthly charge will reflect this in a pro rata amount.

How do I cancel my Fergus account?

Easily. Simply remove all users from your account. All account history will be archived and you can still access your account for free (as a Sole Trader).

Can I pick and choose what features I want?

No. We offer set feature tiers, with flexible user options, to make sure each person in your business can do what they need to.

When will I be charged if I enter my credit card during the free trial?

At Fergus we charge you for what you’ve used, after you use it. We believe you should get the benefit of our job management software before you pay for it. This means you can enter your credit card details on the first day of your trial, but you won’t be charged until you’ve been using Fergus for 60 days.

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