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Job Management Software for Roofing Businesses

Fergus is the perfect choice for roofing businesses that need to accurately track time and materials
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Set jobs up for success
Set jobs up for success

See at a glance where all the revenue in your business is. Reduce double handling, keep everything related to a job in one place and let Fergus automate your admin.

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Get more out of your team
Get more out of your team

Communicate effectively with your team no matter where they are. Keep job records up-to-date in real-time. Get visibility of where your team are see whether they're on track for their next job.

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Stay ahead of the game
Stay ahead of the game

Keep track of your P&L so you can accurately forecast and prepare for seasonal changes. Stay on top of job performance and progress and make sure you're on track to make a profit.

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Tools made for roofers

A software tool made for roofing businesses

Digital Job Cards

Create job cards easily, with existing or new customers.

Find existing customer detail fast
Keep all information and job history in one place
Store job photos, hazards, notes and more

Quick quotes & estimates

Group materials into templates, track multiple versions of quotes and move jobs into scheduling.

Take control of margins
Create tiers for different types of jobs or clients
Get notifications when quotes are accepted

Scheduling & GPS tracking

Instantly book jobs based on your teams locations and check in on job progress throughout the day. Make it easy to keep customers in the loop if there’s any change.

Drag & drop scheduling functionality
GPS tracking and logging

Simple invoicing

Quickly build invoices using our powerful pricing editor.

Build from scratch or from site visits
Turn job cards into an invoice
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What do other roofers think of our job management software?

“With Fergus we are able to keep up to date with every job on the go (we currently have 46 jobs on the go!). Even with three office workers doing different shifts we are able to to quickly answer questions from customers as we can keep notes and documents under each job. We also use Xero and these two systems sync seamlessly.”

Jenaya, Office Manager, Any Angle Roofing
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Field management software for roofing businesses

Accounting Integrations
Accounting Integrations

We work with accounting software including Xero and MYOB to make sure your financial information goes to the right place.

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Free Training & Support
Free Training & Support

We offer free lifetime training and support to make sure you and your team are comfortable managing jobs in Fergus, at no extra cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Fergus the best job management software for roofers?

Fergus job management software is designed for roofers to make their jobs more efficient. Job management software is the only way roofers can actively track and manage each project on the go or in the office. With roofing software, all aspects of a roofing business can be streamlined - from ordering materials to invoicing customers and managing teams.

How does job management software benefit roofers?

Fergus helps take the stress out of managing multiple jobs. As a roofer, you are often working around the clock and dealing with urgent requests. Fergus job management software allows roofers to track and manage each job - optimising your tasks and giving you an accurate tally of hours worked and materials needed. It also makes invoicing and quoting easy and can be integrated into your existing accounting software to ensure all information goes to the right place.

How is the Fergus app tailor-made for roofers?

Some issues roofers may face include:

  • a lack of time and resources to effectively manage team members
  • issues with getting paid on time
  • allocating materials and estimating & quoting
With Fergus, you can manage it all. For example, our Templates allow roofers to group items and labour and save them as a Favourite to build quick, repeatable quotes. You can cross-analyse jobs, manage and assign tasks to team members and create invoices with zero room for human error. The app is compatible with trade material suppliers and accounting software solutions to further streamline your ordering and invoicing.

How do I use Fergus job management software?

Fergus can be accessed via your phone, computer or tablet. Simply open up the app and you’ll see your Dashboard. Here, you can clearly see where each job is at and what needs to be done. Red tasks = urgent, orange tasks = something that requires your attention, and green = everything is going along A-OK. Simply click on each colour-coded job to view, manage or complete. You can get support at any time via the TradeHub. Here, you can access how-to videos and business coaching webinars. You can also reach our support team via phone or email. Fergus can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Start your free trial today.