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job tracking

Track and Manage Trade Jobs Effortlessly

Job management made simpler. Everything you need to create, manage, and track jobs, all in one place.

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status board

See all of your jobs at a glance

See the state of your jobs and business at a glance using our colour-coded dashboard. Forget bottlenecks - you’ll know at a glance what needs to be prioritised so you can get the job done and get paid.

Group jobs by status
Traffic-light priority system
See revenue contained in each column
Job cards

Everything related to a job in one place

Create job cards with ease. Add a new customer or choose a previous customer to get going in an instant. Assign the job to a team member and they’ll be notified instantly.

Photos, Notes and History
Job Scope and Directions
Supplier Documents
Financial Reporting
site visits

Break bigger jobs down into milestones

Build jobs in sections to make costs, progress, job scope and invoicing easier to manage.

Invoice in sections
Track progress of each visit
Assign different teams to each visit

Track variations inside the job card

Make a change order or add a variation to a job in an instant. Any additions stay linked to the parent job, making it simple to invoice when the work is done.

Only track approved variations
Easily include in final invoice
Customers can approve from email

“Every job is easily managed and can be traced back when required by clients. If all information is loaded on to each job, it makes life so easy to manage, service, and invoice all at the click of a mouse.”

Trevor, Supervisor, Clayton, AUS
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Free Training & Support
Free Training & Support

We offer free lifetime training and support to make sure you and your team are comfortable managing jobs in Fergus, at no extra cost.

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Accounting Integrations
Accounting Integrations

We work with accounting software including Xero and MYOB to make sure your financial information goes to the right place.

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