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Plumbing, Gas & Electrical Certifications (NZ)


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Plumbing, Gas & Electrical Certifications (NZ)

Staying on top of compliance in your business is a necessary chore. Yet, the time you spend here means less time elsewhere. Less time building your business. Less time building your team. And less time with your head above water.

That’s why we created Fergus Certifications; to help you manage this vital part of your business.

Create, Store, Manage and Send Certificates

Fergus Certifications is a secure, electronic management tool that allows trades business owners and permitted tradespeople to easily create, store, manage, and send compliance and safety certificates from within Fergus Job Management Software.

Easy to Use, Find and File

When you create a certificate on a job in Fergus, Fergus will automatically populate your company data, as well as the customers’ information from the job card, and site information.

Completing your certificate is as simple as entering the compliance information onto the digital certificate, adding your mobile signature. You can then choose whether to save as a draft of mark as complete.

You can preview completed certificates before you sign and email them to your customers directly from the app.

All certificates are saved to the job card, along with all your other information about that particular job, so you can easily send completed certificates with invoices and other customer documents.

This tool makes sure you can keep your customers happy and informed, while having the peace of mind that everything is up-to-date and exactly where it needs to be from a compliance standpoint.

Certifications for Electricians and Gas Fitters

If you are a New Zealand based Electrician or Gas Fitter, you can make use of the six certifications currently available in Fergus, including:

Joint Certificates:

1. NZ Electrical Certificate of Compliance & Electrical Safety Certificate, and;

2. NZ Gas Certificate of Compliance & Gas Safety Certificate.

Standalone Certificates:

3. NZ Electrical Certificate of Compliance,

4. NZ Electrical Safety Certificate,

5. NZ Gas Certificate of Compliance, and;

6. NZ Gas Safety Certificate.

Get Cracking!

Head to Certification Settings in Fergus to enable the certificates you require. Or if you’re not a Fergus Customer yet, start a free trial to see firsthand how Fergus can help you manage your day, your team, your business and compliance more effectively?

Need help?

Email support@fergus.com.

*updated August 2020

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