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We’ve said it before - offering credit card payments means you’re going to get paid fast. Really fast.

In fact, you’ll get paid four times as fast compared with not offering your customers the option of paying by credit card*.

It’s why we introduced FergusPay by Assembly Payments - our secure credit card payment solution - late last year so you could start reaping the benefits for your trade or service business.

And, it’s why we’re now offering an even more convenient way for your customers to pay due invoices using their credit card.

Get paid direct from SMS

Now, all SMS and email payment reminders sent to your customers will include a link to view and then pay your invoice using FergusPay.

They’ll be able to complete payment in just a couple of steps, no matter where they are when they receive your reminder.

Payment reminders are a great way to make sure your invoices stay front-of-mind. They’re also going to help you collect late payments faster than ever before, giving your cash flow a boost in the right direction.

Stop wasting time chasing late payments

SMS and email payment reminders are automated so you can rest easy knowing late invoices are being taken care of.

SMS will now be sent at the following frequency:

  1. Soon after you send the invoice to your customer
  2. The day after the invoice is sent
  3. 7 days after the invoice is sent
  4. They day payment is due
  5. Every 14 days after payment is due

Of course, reminders will only be sent for as long as the invoice remains unpaid.

Any questions? We’ve put together some FAQs to help you get started:

How do I get set-up?

If you’re an existing FergusPay user, sit back and relax! You’re all set to go.

If you’re not already with Fergus but would like to take advantage of FergusPay and free SMS reminders, sign up for a free trial of Fergus now!

Why should I use SMS and email reminders?

Late payments can kill a small business. Without enough money coming in, you might not have enough to pay your bills at the end of the month.

Set-and-forget invoice reminders help you keep on top of your cash flow. And, combined with having credit card payments on offer, you’ll get paid faster than ever before*.

Find out more tips on how to boost your cash flow.

What about FergusPay?

There’s no extra cost to your monthly Fergus plan to use FergusPay.

By default, your customer will be charged a service fee if they choose to pay using a credit card. You have the option of absorbing this fee or splitting it 5050 with the customer.

Want to see firsthand how Fergus can help you get paid faster than ever before? Sign up for a free trial today.

*according to data compiled from Fergus users already using Fergus Pay.

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