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J.A. Russell Integrates With Fergus


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J.A. Russell Integrates With Fergus

At Fergus we love coming up with ways to make life easier for our customers by building tools that make their businesses more efficient. Our product supplier integrations mean customers can get the job done end-to-end, all from within Fergus.

Our latest integration with J.A. Russell Ltd means you can now use and manage J.A. Russell Ltd Price Book functionality, Purchase Orders, Credit Notes and Supplier Invoices, all from within Fergus.

Now you can quote with accurate, real-time materials pricing, apply your margin and then turn it into a purchase order when approved.

What’s more - when you or your team pick up or return materials, invoices and credit notes get sent straight back to Fergus, updating the financial reporting and status of the job once approved.

It’s time to say goodbye to rummaging around for up-to-date materials costs, lost supplier invoices and credit notes so get started with this new integration.

How can I get started?

The integration is ready to go - simply set it up by logging into your J.A Russell Ltd account.

Click here to get our instructions to help you get set up. Feel free to set up a call with one of our experts if you would like them to set up the integration for you by clicking the image below.

If you’re a J.A. Russell Ltd customer and you’re not with Fergus yet, check out the integration for yourself by getting started with a 30-Day Free Trial.

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