Our Mission

“Setting trade and service businesses up for success, from the job site to the office.”

Our Story

Fergus is the brainchild of Dan Pollard, a veteran Tradie. He dreamed it up a few years ago, while he was knee deep in the trenches of running his own trades business.

After going bust once and burning out once, Dan figured out that a trades business needs proper systems in place to keep it running – without running its owner into the ground.

In his search for great systems he developed Fergus, and it was so good he was able to grow his business from 4 vans to 24 vans in less than 4 years. In fact, he even worked himself out of a job.

Our Promise

Dan and the rest of the team at Fergus have made it their mission to build truly successful trade and service businesses that stand up on their own, without the owner.

How are we achieving our promise? By giving businesses the right tools at the right time to get the job done without wasting any time.

We’re the operational backbone, taking care of the day-to-day and providing complete clarity and control. We’re giving business owners the time and smart insight they need to grow and succeed.

Our Core Values

Curious growth

Fergus was built because we were curious about how technology could take a trades business from good to great. We’re constantly searching for new ways, and new ideas, to improve our tools. We can’t do this unless we’re genuinely curious about the Tradie ecosystem, and the world around us. By asking questions about the normal, the unusual or the unchanged we will continue to build the best product in the world.

Reliable and trustworthy

When we commit to getting a job done, we follow through and make sure it’s done right. We also support each other to feel they can voice their opinions, new ideas and to do the best job they can do. Knowing your team cares about you, will cheer for you and will back you 100%, draws us together to find the best solutions for our customers.

Drive and embrace change

We’re changing thousands of trades and service business across the world to become better, faster and more profitable. To continue driving improvements, we need to take charge of change, embrace the new and inspire our customers to come on the journey with us.

Our Team




Chief Barketing Officer


Financial Administrator


Chief Operating Officer


Chief Technical Officer


Head of Product Design


Director of Customer


Sales Manager


Senior Account Manager


Account Manager


Account Manager


Account Manager


Marketing Operations


Digital Marketing Specialist


Content Producer


Lead Marketing Designer


Customer Success Expert


Customer Success Expert


Customer Success Expert


Customer Support Expert


Customer Support Expert


Development Lead


Product Analyst


Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Software Engineer Intern


Senior UX Designer




Junior UX/UI Designer

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