J.A. Russell Electrical Trade Partner

J.A. Russell Electrical Trade Partner

Introducing the J.A. Russell Ltd and Fergus integration
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J.A. Russell Electrical Trade Partner
The J.A. Russell Ltd Integration

A connection that does all the
heavy lifting for you

Purchasing and reconciling has never been this easy

Price Books

Knock out quotes in minutes

Start typing the line item in your quotes, estimates and invoices and Fergus will find the correct item and price. All you need to do is add your margins and hit send.

Accurate, real-time prices
Automatic import
Product offers
Purchase Orders

Quick & easy purchasing

Submit purchase orders through Fergus to JA Russell by turning an accepted quote into a purchase order or creating one from scratch.

Order from 73 stores nationwide
Only order the materials you need
Supplier Invoice Reconciliation

No more looking for supplier documents

Supplier invoices automatically pair with the corresponding job, which moves them out of back-costing when complete and lets you know that the job is ready to invoice.

Locate invoices easily
Assign, split or ignore invoices to avoid double entry
Why fergus

Everything you need to manage
your jobs, all in one place

Digital Job Cards

Create job cards easily, with existing or new customers.

Find existing customer detail fast
Keep all information and job history in one place
Store job photos, hazards, notes and more

Quick Quotes & Estimates

Group materials into templates, track multiple versions of quotes and move jobs into scheduling.

Take control of margins
Create tiers for different types of jobs or clients
Get notifications when quotes are accepted

Scheduling & GPS Tracking

Instantly book jobs based on your team locations and check in on job progress throughout the day. Make it easy to keep customers in the loop if there’s any change.

Drag & drop scheduling functionality
GPS tracking and logging

Simple Invoicing

Quickly build invoices using our powerful pricing editor.

Build from scratch or from site visits
Turn job cards into an invoice
Free Training & Support
Free Training & Support

We offer free lifetime training and support to make sure you and your team are comfortable managing jobs in Fergus, at no extra cost.

See the Fergus Help Center
Accounting Integrations
Accounting Integrations

We work with accounting software including Xero and MYOB to make sure your financial information goes to the right place.

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“By adopting this system we are now seen as professional and progressive within our town. We are now capturing better information about job costs before we send invoices which has helped us to raise our overall profit margin. We no longer have jobs falling through the cracks at invoicing time either.”

Daniel Gunther, Owner, Gunther Electrical
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