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"Since adopting Fergus, in the last 6 months, we’ve seen a 60% increase in our business."

Ben, Co-Owner, KVA

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2 min read

Making Certificates Digital with Fergus

Let's be honest - you're a pro in your field, a master of plumbing and gas systems. But as you venture into the world of business, the journey becomes more complex than just tightening pipes and fixing leaks. In order to manage your growing business, you want to cut down on your admin; dealing with paperwork overload and hunting for certificates just holds you back from doing your job. That’s why Fergus has created the ability to create digital certificates on-the-go! 

With Fergus, you can now create digital gas and plumbing certificates in minutes, using a range of certificate templates, pre-filled customer information and digital customer signatures, all on the Fergus Go app.  


What are the benefits of using digital certificates? 

🚀 Efficiency at Its Best  
Fergus automates the process, saving you valuable time and effort.  


💻 Easy Retrieval Access  
Have previously generated certificates at your fingertips. No more rifling through drawers—everything's stored neatly within the app.  


🧑🏽 Customer Information Autofill  
Fergus takes the hassle out of data entry. Your customer's information is automatically pre-filled, ensuring accuracy and speeding up the process.  


✍️ Digital Signatures  
Empower your customers and landlords to sign certificates digitally, making the process seamless and eco-friendly.  


✉️ Effortless Sharing 
Send certificates via email with ease, enhancing communication and keeping all stakeholders in the loop. 


What certificates can you create with Fergus? 

Landlord/Homeowner Gas Safety Record (CP12)  
Ensure the safety of your properties with this essential gas safety record, digitally created and securely stored.  


Service Maintenance Record/Checklist (PAD 9)  
Maintain a meticulous record of service and maintenance activities effortlessly, right within the app. 


Installation/Commissioning/Decommissioning Record (PAD 17)  
Efficiently document all stages of installation and commissioning, and effortlessly manage decommissioning processes


Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinder Commissioning Checklist (Unvented Vessel) (PAD 26)  
Record details of work carried out when installing, inspecting, or commissioning for unvented hot water storage vessels with ease.


Domestic Gas Testing & Purging (PAD 11)  
Swiftly generate and store records of domestic gas testing and purging procedures, simplifying your compliance efforts.  


Commercial Catering Inspection Record (CP42)
Stay compliant and accountable with accurate and detailed records of commercial catering inspections.


Domestic - Legionella Risk (PAD 19)  
Effortlessly assess and document Legionella risk within domestic settings, ensuring health and safety standards are met.  


CD/10 Oil Firing Installation Completion Report  
Streamline oil firing installation completion reporting, saving time and reducing administrative hassle.  


CD/11 Oil Firing Servicing & Commissioning Report  
Efficiently document servicing and commissioning for oil-fired equipment, all within the Fergus app.  


CD/12 Landlord Oil Installation Safety Check Certificate  
Safeguard your properties by digitally recording oil installation safety checks and maintaining a clear record.  


Leave certificate pads and paper copies behind and revolutionise your certification workflow. Join Fergus today and start taking control of your trades business: 

Get Started with Fergus


This article is intended for UK tradespeople. If you are interested in NZ or AU certificates, please visit the following pages for more information: NZ & NSW.

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In the world of Australian electrical contracting, safety is paramount. Every day, electricians tackle high-risk tasks that demand precision,...

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Empowering Australian Electricians: Fergus and NECA's Partnership

In an exciting development, we're very proud to announce a strategic partnership with the NECA (National Electrical and Communications Association).

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