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"By adopting this system we are now seen as professional and progressive within our town"

Daniel Gunther, Owner, Gunther Electrical

"Since adopting Fergus, in the last 6 months, we’ve seen a 60% increase in our business."

Ben, Co-Owner, KVA

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4 min read

Optimise Your Business By Integrating Fergus With Your Invoicing Software

Optimise Your Business By Integrating Fergus With Your Invoicing Software

When you work in trades, you don’t want to worry about having to chase a paper trail of bookkeeping and finances. Unfortunately, financial management is a crucial aspect of any business – but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Tradespeople and trade businesses are notorious for being paper-based or relying on old, outdated finance systems. Perhaps you’re still using old-school systems like Excel to manage your spreadsheets or are using multiple standalone systems to manage your finances, marketing, and sales individually.

Fergus is one of the best tools to streamline your accounting and other business operations all in one place. The real beauty of Fergus and what makes it a drawcard for many business owners is the number of integrations it has. This makes it easy for businesses to stay on top of their finances and to move away from paper-based invoice processing.


Job management software built for growing businesses

Your business and customers are your biggest priority. Fergus is your digital solution to managing both efficiently.

Fergus is a cloud-based job management software that is designed for small and medium-sized businesses. We specialise in helping tradespeople and trades businesses across a range of industries including plumbing, construction and field management to maintain and track relationships with their team and customers.

There are many job management software options available out there, but Fergus is a platform that can be easily integrated with your other business software including your accounting/invoicing software to help further streamline client management.


3 reasons to integrate invoicing with Fergus

Managing invoices should be painless and easy. It should be a completely automated, digital process. For small to medium businesses with multiple clients and customers, having the ability to integrate your invoicing system with your job management software is the answer. Fergus is therefore a no-brainer!

Here are some of the benefits of invoicing integration with Fergus that you can look forward to:


1. Save money

In the long run, it is far more cost-effective and time-saving to adopt an invoicing system that easily integrates into your job management software. This means you’ll be saving valuable time by not having to manually input, and you’re reducing any potential risk of human error.


2. Increased efficiency

With Fergus integration, all your systems can run together smoothly and easily communicate with one another. When everything is connected, you can get a better view of your entire business operations and important data such as your financials.


3. More robust reporting

By tracking and managing your invoices together in the one place, you can gain a more accurate reflection of your business's comings and goings. Having this increased visibility into your invoicing and sales analytics will improve team communication, ensuring all important information is made available to all members.


Our integrations help make your job easier

Here are some of the integrations that we offer that we find are most useful for tradespeople:



Fergus + Xero’s seamless sync allows you to integrate one of the leading cloud-based accounting software within seconds. With Xero integration you can:

  • Get a real-time view of your cashflow

  • Import and categorise your latest bank transactions in seconds

  • Reconcile, send invoices or create expense claims on-the-go

  • Send automatic online invoices to customers and receive an update when they’re opened

How to get started? Start trialling Xero for free by signing up here for a 30-day trial. Already have Xero? For a step-by-step guide to the integration process, click here.



With this QuickBooks integration, you can allocate payments received in QuickBooks directly to invoices created in Fergus. When a sales invoice is created in Fergus, it's automatically sent through to QuickBooks as a full invoice with the same line items. If you then assign a payment or credit to the invoice in QuickBooks, this will sync back into Fergus automatically. You can also import your QuickBooks customers into Fergus.

  • Two-way contact sync

  • Fergus sales invoice sync to QuickBooks

  • Payment status synced back to Fergus

  • Import QuickBooks customers into Fergus

How to get started? Follow this step-by-step guide on how to integrate Fergus with QuickBooks.


J.A Russell

Our latest integration with J.A. Russell Ltd makes your life easier by improving your business efficiency. With this integration you can:

  • Use and manage J.A. Russell Ltd Price Book Functionality

  • Purchase orders

  • Gain credit notes and supplier invoices

  • Quote with accurate, real-time materials pricing

J.A. Russell Ltd invoices, credit notes, purchase orders and price books now automatically sync to Fergus.

How to get started? The integration is ready to go - simply set it up by logging into your J.A Russell Ltd account. To get your invoices out faster, and cash flowing quicker, follow the setup instructions here.

If you’re a J.A. Russell Ltd customer and you’re not with Fergus yet, check out the integration for yourself by getting started with a 30-Day Free Trial.


Other integrations

Fergus partners with Trade Suppliers and business software solutions to help customers streamline their job management processes with software, further tailoring to your unique needs as a trades-based business.

Trade suppliers we support for Automatic Pricebook Updates, Purchase Orders and Invoice Reconciliation include both Reece (integrated bathroom and plumbing supplier) and Middy’s (integrated electrical supplier).

Suppliers we support for automatically importing materials invoices using our email ingestion technology are leading suppliers in the industry. These premium integrations give your business plenty of options depending on your needs and specific area of trade.


Choose the integration that’s best for your business

All integrations listed have their own unique benefits for tradespeople and businesses. The right invoicing integration for you will depend on the type of capabilities and features you want from your Fergus integration.


Some tips that can help:

1. Know your business needs: Review your current invoicing framework and figure out what’s working and what’s not. Perhaps you need access to multiple payment methods? Or do you charge based on billable hours and need a system that can support this?

2. Consider your budget: The invoicing software should be transparent about pricing from the start so that you can budget accordingly.

3. Compare the features of different packages: Different invoicing integrations will provide different benefits. Maybe it's crucial for you to be able to customise invoices. Or perhaps you’d enjoy a system that offered templates to create invoices more easily.


Fergus - the job management system that does it all

With Fergus, you can gain great insight into how each of our offered integrations will benefit your business. We can help you seamlessly set up your invoicing software and sync it with the Fergus platform so you can ditch the paperwork and focus on running your business more efficiently.

Start your free trial with Fergus today by clicking here.

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