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Ben, Co-Owner, KVA

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4 min read

The best tools and equipment for your electrician toolkit in 2024

Electrician toolkit

As an electrician, you know the drill - to do your job well, you need to have the right tools and equipment for your job.

Whether you’re wiring up a new house, fixing a faulty switch, or keeping the lights on, you need tools that are tough, dependable, and safe.

But with so many gadgets and gizmos out there, how do you which ones are worth your money?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this blog post, we’ll show you some of the best tools and equipment for electrical work in 2024, based on quality, performance, durability, and customer feedback.

We’ll also answer some of the burning questions that electricians have about their tools, such as what is the best tool for an electrician and what do electricians use most.

And last but not least, we’ll show you how you can manage your tools and equipment more efficiently with Fergus, the best job management software for tradespeople.

What are the essential electrician tools?

Every electrician needs a basic toolkit that contains the essential tools for electrical work.

These are the tools that you use every day, and that you should always have in your toolbox.

Here’s our selection of the most essential electrician tools:

What are the best electrician tools for specific tasks?

Besides the essential tools, there are also some tools that are designed for specific tasks or situations that electricians may encounter.

These are the tools that you may not use every day, but that can make your job easier and faster when you need them. Some of the best electrician tools for specific tasks are:

What are the best brands for electrician tools?

When it comes to choosing the best tools and equipment for electrical work, you may also want to consider the brand reputation and quality.

There are many brands that offer electrician tools, but some of them stand out for their innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Some of the best brands for electrician tools are:

  • Klein Tools: Klein Tools is one of the oldest and most trusted brands for electrician tools. It is known for its high-quality, durability, and performance, as well as its lifetime warranty and customer service.
  • Fluke: Fluke is one of the leading brands for electrician tools. It is renowned for accuracy, reliability, and innovation, as well as its safety standards and technical support.
  • DeWalt: DeWalt is a classic brand for electricians. You probably know DeWalt for its power, durability, and versatility, as well as its ergonomic design and battery life.

How to manage your tools and equipment

Now that you have an idea of the best tools and equipment for electrical work in 2024, you may also want to know how to manage them more efficiently.

After all, your tools and equipment are your assets, and you want to make sure they are well-organised, maintained, and tracked.

That’s where Fergus comes in.

Fergus is the leading job management software for electricians, designed to help you run your electrical business with ease. With Fergus, you can:

  • Keep track of your tools and equipment: Fergus lets you create job cards with materials and costs, and automatically import and match invoices from suppliers. This helps you keep track of their equipment usage and expenses
  • Save time when pricing equipment: Fergus allows you to access supplier price books and generate quick quotes and estimates for your clients.
  • Factor in your equipment in quotes and invoices: Fergus integrates with accounting software and syncs contacts, invoices, and payments.This helps you manage your cash flow and avoid errors or duplication when dealing with equipment for quotes and invoices.

Fergus is trusted by thousands of electricians and other trades professionals around the world, who use it to speed up their workflows, get rid of their paperwork, and grow their businesses.

Want try Fergus for yourself?

Sign up for a free trial today and see how it can transform your electrical business.

Thank you for reading, and happy wiring!

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