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Get more from your trade job management software




And welcome to the get more from your job software. My name's Cameron Simmons. I'm a sales manager at first and this is our official product launch webinar on Friday feature checklists that we've got a number of people on the line today from New Zealand and Australia and a mix of people who do know Fergus and some people are a little more familiar with the product at this moment in time. So in this webinar, I'll run through the following items the Fergus dashboard, real high level overview of some of the integrations we do, and also the first iteration of feature checklists. I'll also basically go over the mobile app and sort of what's in that you can do inside of Fergus and also cover and at the end of the webinar. But just to let you know, we meet it all the links in the background, so we'll be able to share any questions that you are saying. So if you do have any questions at all, some of you have already done it is a Q&A box right on the bottom of your screen. If you just quickly across a little bit, this should be a Q&A box at Google. So if you have any questions in there. And if there's a question in there that is similar to the one that you are thinking, you can just vote the questions because there's quite a lot of you. If you go the question that you want to be answered, it'll be more than that. And I'll answer that in the webinar today and all the other questions. So we will get back to you no matter what. OK so I am going to get cracking on that with the webinar. And you can all see and the focus home screen here. So this is the dashboard. And this is one of our unique selling points for focus. Not many software companies have something as comprehensive, just as content to really just give you a snapshot of your business in one real quick sweep. Now, everything from Fergus goes through this dashboard. Every job, every site is. Everything starts in the press and it flows through to the costing column. That's all automated and that's dependent on what happens within the job. So it's times allocated, materials added, etc., and it would just move through the dashboard automatically. There's a reason we don't automate to into invoicing, and that's because of Fergus. We want you to check everything in the back costing column before we send it through to invoice. So that's the only manual step and a flow into things through the dashboard. You can see here as well, we run things on a traffic light system, so therefore everything in red is something that is urgent request that requires you to do something pretty quick. Everything in the Amber orange color is something that needs attention, but it's not necessarily urgent at this moment in time. And the greeting is pretty simple. You want to have green. So and green is good with the dashboard as well. You can filter through different people. And in Fergus, you can make groups of people as well. So if you do have different sections of the business like we've got here, the building, electrical and plumbing, you can basically just select a group and it gives you a dashboard just for that group of people. Another thing within the dashboard as well is you can click on certain sections of the dashboard. So if you want to know what's going on with this, read on in vitacost with impact costing, click on it and it gives you a drop down of all the jobs that this is related to whichever jobs are in this stage. Get rid of that with the cool that we have on the noticeboard and it's the North Queensland Hello page. And what this is the way I refer to it. It's like an internal messaging tool, like a WhatsApp group. It is, it's not private, it's public. So anything you do type in here, everyone can see and it's real simple to use. The do is click at and then select a person or you can click Go and send a message to everybody you just to enter and that message will go to everybody. Now the cool thing here, we've got a price search. You just happen any item so that you can type in crocs, for example, click Enter. It comes up with everything that has that word within it. Awesome So that's basically a quick rundown of the dashboard and announcement to take you through to the integrations. And again, guys, I'll just remind you, if you do have any questions, please do put them in the Q&A box right out of the bottom of your screen. If you've just joined recently. Just wiggle and just wiggle on the screen a little bit about. Cool so to go to our integrations is not necessarily paid, it's just in the settings. But if you just quickly click here and you can see the tab down the left hand side of our integrations. Now our integrations range from accounting packages through to suppliers, and we do have a number of these. So we have now 0 for council packages and we have a selection supplier integrations. And what I'll just briefly run over today is the zero sync that we have and it's really, really simple to set up. All you have to do is click Connect to zero. It will take you through to the login screen of 0. Just type in your email address and password. As you can see from the little description on here as well, and some of you may have to listen past and are still doing it now, is that your invoice out of zero? That's how you would invite your customers with Fergus and do everything inside of one system and we send everything to 0 for you. It's a two way sync. So when you receive a payment in xero, it just feeds that back into service, knows that that's being paid. So that's a really cool functionality that not many other people have as well. And talking about supplier integrations and as you can see on my screen, there's a few on that. Some of you might not be familiar with others, but one of the big ones I'll talk about is Jay Russell. I'm pretty sure everyone will be aware of. So with these supplier integrations, it's either an API that's done or it's just a log in through that trade tool. And what we do is we get all of your invoices sent from the supplier usually to you, but we bring them straight into Fergus. Same with purchase orders that sends price loads, which are eight or so and also credit notes. So it's basically getting rid of all of that fundamental data. So anything that you use to just collect painful emails getting brought into Fergus reconciles against that job. Real simple, real quick thing to do, you'll see that we've got a few integrations as a formula to errors, of course, et cetera we are working with quite a few different suppliers in Australia and New Zealand, so just expect that supplier integration, just keep that list. Just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger and. That's it, really from the integration side of things. And I'm just going have a quick look at the question about we're just looking to see if there's anything in there. To so is Andrew is asked does that bring across the line axis list you have in zero? And so if you're talking about something like the line items that you usually send in an invoice and we send everything through to zero and every single line item that can be sort of added in there. And I will remind you guys as well, if you wanting to ask a question, please use the Q&A and not the topical as well. OK so now we've hit the integration side of things. And if you do any questions again, please, that. We'll just move on to checklists. So checklists and obviously the one that you're all most interested about, and it's been heavily requested by a lot of our customers. So we felt the need to just do it for you. And so we'll run through it now. And these can see on the screen, these are ones that we've just made as templates for ourselves. And I'm going to show you how to make one yourself. So all you do is click Next template. And it opens on this real big looking thing as a name for the template. I want to start typing something in just so we can use it a little later on inside a job. And the job that I've self myself inside of focus is a leaky toilet. So I'm going to call this checklist and fix the toilet. Not very glamorous. And then by hitting Enter and going down a section, these are the three sort of checkboxes that it just gives you. You can delete these at any point if you want. If there's only one checklist, you can delete these. That's no problem at all. So we're going to type in the first checklist to maybe go and see the building manager. And then if you hit Enter again, it just creates another checklist field below. The second checklist item might be called see the apartments and then enter again and just create another checklist item. You can have different things to the template. Just by here, for example, you can create a new header. So obviously that was all internal stuff. So that's like once in the building domestic policy apartment and now we could do a header called health and safety console safety that was added and enter. Sorry, but the template and I'm just going to track this empty box below health and safety. So that's another function that you can do. It doesn't necessarily have to be in the right order. You can just move these as on when you want. So I'm just going to go health and safety check since two and one more of animals. And so as I was saying before, we don't need this one here. So we can get rid of the cool items of the template. We can also create a text field. Now the text field, again, is anything that you want to instruct to the tradespeople. Again, the checklist and functionality is specifically for internal processes. This isn't something that you would pass on to your customer. This is something that you want to improve in terms of processes within your company. So within here, we can call, please, we know I don't have any voice service. Well, now something that we've recently done and it's not been something in the past is the same. But so the cell phone is really important in this instance. If you don't save it, it really won't save it. With Fergus before, you could just add something and sort of go back into it. So either we have to click Save on this one, so click Save and you get the green light at the top saying fix the toilet and cool. So now I'm going to show you what that looks like when you're trying to use it within the job. So we're going to go to the full. I am the customer. Fantastic and again, guys, any questions, please? Took them into the Q&A and vote once and we'll get to them when we possibly can. Now, some of you, again, not familiar with that, as some of you are really familiar with Ferguson, just want to see the checklist side of things. But if you've not seen footage before, this might be a bit mind blowing. But it's real simple what you've learned, the crux of it. So at the moment, we're inside the site. And you can see we don't have any doctor available here for site visit checklist because we haven't added any. And so what we're going to do now is just click here a checklist. And you can see, it brought up the phones that we had before. So there was four in there that were active. And I'm just going to add the fix the toilet Bowl in here called so you can see that now we have a status on this is to start the checklist is called fix the toilet and it's not assigned to anyone. It's not got it to date and in progress. It's 0 to 4 because we've got four questions on it. The three ellipses, if you can just click Delete on that one and that will just take it out of the job globally, anything within there as well. So if someone's halfway through doing it, delete as well. So I'm just going to click on this here now on the fix the toilet. And this is just going into a bit more depth within the checklist of what we can do. So you can assign it to somebody and you can give it a due date. Now that's the whole file itself. So if someone's going to be responsible for the school and assigned to assign it to Dwight and I'm going to put the due date for today, we can set a due time as well. So we're going to set up for a photo this morning and there's a reason why I want to do that. I'll show you guys in a second. You can also set a reminder time. So if you want them to be provided 30 minutes, one hour for your country, you can also add extra information here as well if you need to. Again, guys, we do have the same one. So just remember this. If you don't forget, if you put it to save, it changes. Say I could save that. Fantastic and another cool function. We listened to you about the functionality of service. Do you have a backbone that takes you back to the original checklist? OK, so this now I assigned it for today and we put it in the past, and I just wanted to show you guys that it does then come up as the checklist is overdue. It slides as red and says that the action does need to take. And it's important to note as well that checklists aren't specifically for tradesmen on the road doing the job. It can be for internal processes as well. So invoicing, costing, doing quotes, you can set this up for the office stuff and they would do exactly the same as what we were doing before. It's just taking this now. And as you can see, it goes to in progress down here. Is it stuff is this was still overdue. Obviously, we're going to take that for a second. And so we have some sections that just for the whole checklist, we can actually change this within the checklist, the line item as well. So we can click the setting here. We can assign this to twice and we can put the due date, a different due date then the whole checklist as well. So if you wanted to do this a couple of days before the whole checklist should be completed, you can't wait for the time being. Another one that's smart actually in my thesis, not applicable as well, just here. And that means that they can just get past the whole time of say. And another one. You can assign different people to the checklist as well. So I'm going to assign fully because I just want to show you what that looks like inside the mobile app. Really super quick save. Cool one thing that we've changed on this day, on this new feature, this difference of what we've done before, is just this little minus here. So you can actually navigate around different things within focus and still have this checklist opening just in case you need to make any changes. But I'm going to get rid of that for. OK fantastic. And just bear with me two seconds, guys, because I'm just about to get the mobile app loaded up. And so we can have a look at what it looks like on there. And I just got a look through some questions at the moment in the background. So, well, I'll get the mobile app loaded. Just one second, guys. So Stefan here, you must if you're able to open files or touch photos to the check, this function well. The relative health and safety of folks and this is the first iteration of checklist is something that we're always going to be improving. And at this moment in time, we ask you to attach any files and photos, as you usually would do with inside a focus, which is just in the files and photos type within the mobile app. And of course, I know we can add some photos to the checklist at this moment time. Can you automatically assign a checklist to a site visit, i.e. site check list always gets updated every time a site is generated. And really good question and you can assign them to the job and therefore would always be against the job, but not necessarily that the site visit will double check them. But yeah, if your site is a job, it will always be against the job and also against the site. Visit us for recovery. So how do you talk cost goal as a different question? That's my checklist. So the guys let's try to find one more. Does checklists work on the mobile app? The time she uses, and that's for Christina and it doesn't work for the time she only uses. It is only for full users, all the professionals. OK sorry. I'm just out of sorry for that little pause that the question is asking for rent. You can put it to a aside. Is it just to let you know? All right. Just and we'll quickly move on. And don't forget, there is going to be if I don't get to your questions. And if you do see any others in that, please look at them and look at them as a priority at the end to answer. I'm just going to do a really mobile app now, so just give me two seconds. Awesome I'm just going to close this window down. Apologies in just one second. OK, guys, there we go. So that should be a bit easy to say. I've also just had the time. She the only time she always comes through the checklists on professional plan as well. They have to be on a professional plus time. She always can do the checklist. So sorry for the mix up there, guys. OK, so we are now on the job and I created four. And as you can see, this is just the actual job number, not the site visit as we were looking at before. So checklist you can see is, number one. So what I'm going to do is I'm just going to go inside the site visit here. And as you can see, the checklist that you were talking about before, the checklist is within the site visit. So I'm just going to click on the checklist. And you can see that it does say that the fix the toilet is overdue. So just going to click inside the. Test it. You can see that it's sort of doled out here, but it does say here is a sign to combat that. There's a duty to it. So this one is assigned to, for example. So I know that I don't need to do that one. But Dwight, this one's assigned to me, so I'm going to just quickly tick the box there, because that means that I can also click the side or just here. And I can also just add information in around this checklist. So I have done everything. And you can just see at the bottom there is 6 and seven, which means that we're all good. And you can see that the note that we wrote below as well, where it says, please do not get by, third is the dog. I was going to take these off. Correct so that's the checklist, as you would see on the app. You can also go in here and you can change the settings. If you have the correct permissions, that is, you can go ahead and change the settings within this. You can assign it to the groups that you may have created different people as well. Fantastic OK, guys, I'm just going to go back from checklists now where just continue with the mobile app and quickly, if there is any other checklist questions I might be able to answer really quickly. OK just one second. OK, guys, there's a one question at the bottom, but I'm not centrioles. Get back to you guys afterwards and I'm just going to show you the rest of the mobile app. And it's going to be a real quick overview just about what this job looks like on the side as it looks like in general, what is within the app. You'll notice on the checklist that I post, is there any hazards on this job? So within ServiceNow you can preload hazards on the mobile app and they would then show up here. If there isn't any loaded in, you cut out them, of course. Just look the lookup on the top right hand side, stock on hand. And this is stuff that the guys would have put inside the band usually. And what they would do is it type in here so you can track and how much they are spending hours outside of the app on a different course. And of course, this applies already, Oregon. So we're going to put something in there. And I'm just going to click on it now and it just going to show later. Why have to look at just one second. Just change the quantity of this one to 2. OK fantastic. And supply documents. And again, around the dual handling of data and supply and documents is fantastic. So when you go into a supplier, you would click supplier documents, it creates an invoice to you just taking a picture of the packing slip. Basically, all it does is tell the office that there's an invoice that's going to be coming in from J. Russell And as long as you've used the site visit and the job numbers one, six, six, eight, it will reconcile because once it comes in. And again, I would just walk you through the bottom of the mobile app so you can call the customer from here. You can email them as well. And those are a quick question about files and photos around. Can you ask them to check lists again? We just ask you to use the way the focus does at the moment, which is through the files photos section here. So you can just click photo, take a quick photo in the files you can see here as well. Who's going to go? Back again game. And we just got a little bit about which I've just clicked, which is over the top here. And so the things that we were talking about before on the home page, you've got the notice board, you've got the stuff, the board and the events for the day. So the events for the day is, as you see here. So every time a tradie will open their mobile app, it'll give them a list of the jobs that they've got for the day. They can go to tomorrow. They can go back previous days as well. One less thing on hand. I'll just quickly show you the little spot, which was something that we saw before. But we're looking at the decimal. OK cool. And I'm now going to be moving down and I will move my phone off the screen now. Just give me one second. And we're now just going to quickly go over some reporting. And it's not going to be really in-depth because we have absolutely heaps of reports and I don't really want to get too confusing. But what I will show you, there is different types of reports. We have the financial summary to it, which can be seen with inside the job. So financial sources at the top left here and all the other reports that we have are on the top. Right of the top. We're going to quickly show you the financial summary. Cool and because this isn't a live job in modern day labor, etc., it doesn't exactly read very well. It's not the best example that we could have used. But I did want to show you. And if you've come to my house to fix the toilet that I've broken and you can then create and turn up and I go, you know what? Can you fix my top as well? And that's one way to create variation of the job. So I created variations of job. It's just keeping the two costs and the two costs separate still. You can still combine them and I'll show you what I mean by that. So this variation here, we would not change it and to we fix it. That's how I would load all of our costs that we've added. So fixing the top behind this one. And we don't do everything up around the tile on the wall. So finals the financial story now. You can look at the financial summary, which is basically of the entire project, which is what we've got here. But you can actually go into the specific variation of the one variation or the original job that you're looking at before. So if you did just want to see, have you made any money on fixing the toilet you click on there and it give you the breakdown. If you wanted to see did you make any money on fixing the tap, you click on that and it would give you the breakdown. So quite simple, quite easy to use. We do allow you to download. This is a CSP as well. You can see that here. You can manipulate the data and the way that you will. And I'm going to go to the top reports now. We split these into different sections. So we have business reports, which is from Sara, with all the data from 0 and invoicing and stuff, reports on top reports as well. And I'm going to show you two ones that most of our customers do find really helpful, and one of them would be the entire story. So the times story is a really good way of just having a real quick snapshot of where everyone's allocated their hours. So at the moment, we just have to pay attention to it. You can click unpaid logged hours charge below us also on charged. And this is our demo account, by the way. So the numbers will sit right to what you would usually see and what you can see. It gives us the day by day split. So you can see on Monday, Dwight was it's 19 hours. He lost 19 hours, but you only got paid for nine of them. So don't know what he was doing. That and an on charge time was 1.5 hours. So he might have not been paid for his breaks, for example. So it just gives you a nice story from the week of what's happened along the course of that week. Again, you can also download this is CSP if you do need to. Another great report that a lot of our customers really like is with report. I click inside here and. Now the report, you can create filters, so you can go up at the top here for a start. And I'm just going to change that to today, put that to say as well. And basically we're just asking to see what's happened between these date ranges on jobs. So if you click Submit. Sorry and he will then see. So but the day rains from the 30th of September through the 1/8 of this month is basically giving us the snapshot of what's happened on these jobs within that time to. And you can also change the filters as well. So you can click. Do you want the match in the photos? You cannot all these different information. You can also skip through being rejected. This is active. Is there a charger or is the quote and you can just click Submit and that is a free process report for you. And guys. We are coming up to the end. So I'm just going to have a quick look at some questions of game and see if there's anything that I can say on this, if there is. And then what I will do is I'll definitely get back to you with an answer. And if I don't know the answer, I will tell you. And to scroll down and see what we've got. With the stock. So this is sorry, this is from Adam Wade just with stock on hand. Can we order from here to restock? And shorten said no. But what you can do is you can create a purchase, a purchase order from the site visit. And if you want to then get that delivered back to you. But the reason behind stock is more it's more a result of use this x amounts. And when I go to the supplier next I can then order x amount. Or if you have to warehouse back and. Back at boxes. You can go and pick up the stuff that you've used from a refill, you know, sort of like. What? sorry. This is from Andrew. What if the document is an invoice, not the packing slip? So you're talking about a supplier invoice there. So that would be something. Sorry, I don't want to get them mixed up. So the invoice that we were talking about before that I was talking about when we have an integration, we can see the invoice from the supplier into focus. And if that was the instance, we do support a crazy amount of supplies across Australia, New Zealand. That's all. We do support the best CSV files that we can give to Fergus and I still reconcile against that job. And the pumpkin stuff is basically for people. If they are buying something out on the road, you take a picture of packing slip and then in an email would usually be sent to you from a supplier with an invoice. I hope that answers your question. If not, please let us know. And I can give you a better description of. Sorry I just want a quick look inside and. I read a few to myself, guys, and I'll try and give you an answer. Better checklists if you see the checklists, if you use the checklist for of this stuff. Where would you see it as I don't have job numbers. And I mean within. This is from Sarah. Sorry and I mean, for the office staff, they will always be working inside, inside of a job, inside a furnace. And it would usually set up as quickly show you where we sit inside. The job does go back to our original job, which was fix the toilet. And yes, there would always be the checklists symbol here. And I'll tell you how many checklists the right eye has to do is assigned it to the person who needs to do the checklist. And they would get a notification over the top saying that they've got a checklist that is overdue. And I hope that answers your question. The checklist can't be created and then just assigned to somebody. They ask to be assigned to it first before it can then get passed on to an employee. OK, guys. A few things will be the questions today. What we will do, though, it will fill all the questions that have come in the know. Some of you have liked some of the other questions. I will, of course, give you a reply. If not today, it will be tomorrow. I will send something out to you. All the questions that have come through that will definitely give you a reply. It will send that to everyone as well. So if you are thinking of asking the same question, you will get that as well. I just want to clarify a few things for you guys. And checklist is a 30 day trial and he started on the 1st of October through to the 31st of October. And after that, it's just available to professional athletes. And therefore, if you are currently on the free plan or the basic plan and play around with it, see if it does work for you guys. And if you have any questions after and after that and it's coming up to the specifics, please reach out and will help you the best we can. In support. So as I was saying before, some people on the webinar, which are quite friendly to Fergus, haven't tried Fergus yet, and we just wanted to quickly stress that we do have things in place at the moment, which can really facilitate you engage quite easily. And we have an onboarding checklist, as you can see on my screen at the moment, and this is available to everyone. So it just gives you a real quick guide on how to get a focus and consider it really quickly. And we also do have a support team. So once you've signed up for a free trial, the support team will definitely be one of your main people that you speak to if there is an occurrence that comes with the concept. And guys, if you're not using service yet, please sign up for a 30 day trial and omnifocus website. You just fill in the free trial form that is no credit needed and just give it a go yourself. And one of our account managers usually reaches out within the first 24 hours, obviously, depending on what they sign on. And yet we get back to you as soon as possible. But the things that we do have is the focus trader. So the focus trader is available on our website. It's free for anyone to use. And we have some great resource on there, like webinars, which isn't necessarily about service, it's more about how to run a trade business successfully, as well as we've got some really useful information there. And it's got also all the videos about the pros as well, how to use feeds. It's OK, guys, and Thank you to everyone who joined and it's been quite a lot of you and some great questions us and help a little annoyed if I haven't, please let us know. So I do better next time. But yes, one of our team will reach out to you in the next couple of days with that list of questions. And so Thanks for joining us today and goodbye. 

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