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Working Remotely: Preparing Accurate Quotes | Fergus


Watch this webinar to see how you can make remote quoting an easy reality in your business and why it's something you should consider long-term.



OK, guys what about my friend Dave who actually takes the both of us, but we're going to run through what it's like to actually just do a quite over conferencing software. We'll show you how easy it is. And we're going to take a fairly standard job creating a hot water cylinder replacement. So what I'm saying is we can't go on site. Let's see if we do remotely and actually why wouldn't we. Why would we pull the driving design even in good times when we can just do it like this. So David Mike could you run if you want me to do hot water. I better do that. Thanks, Mike. So having looked at it for me, it's pretty old. It's an old rain. I think. Please let me walk you out to it now. Have a look at this. I'll go. What do you need to say Matt. Show me the cylinder.

Show me the balance where the bills at the bottom. In emails. Yeah All right. Can you go in the front. It's not great. Can you go around the front of the cylinder and show me the l.a. oh shit she's actually quite old. She has a text in 2007. Just keep it. Can you will. Penguins are one element not connected. It's got no straps on it. We'll make sure the whole thing. Fall off a cliff here. So it's hanging out a little bit faster than we did. Yeah Can I give you a case on the property. Dave we do. We do. You do you went into hot water or not. It takes forever to get there. But my gas line goes right there. I think that might be the waterline but the gas lines just down the bottom. Yeah How many people in the House should have a job. Yeah Forbes so that's quite a small tank scene.

You're not running out of hot water, or you are not. That's right. I might as you see that. That's why. OK, well, it depends what you want one day might as honestly lowest cost is going to be you week, another 315. Yeah, this one's going to cost you 2 and 1/2 three grand and an infinity changeover is probably going to be 3, 2, 4. But if you're not running in the water coming into hot water. I'd go for the lowest cost. Yeah, I mean, would you go to gas or what you if you could all Wow. That's a good point because gas cost is 20. This is cheap illiterate. So Yeah Yeah. Well, actually, can you go to the gas me and show me with an invoice. There's no question. It doesn't back to getting a gas money. Yeah, that's one more spot. That's the water meter that she gets meter. And then I start my guesstimate on this. What's the matter with in relation to the house. Where does the gas come up for the house.

Well, the gas goes right behind where I showed you. That's the house is there. And so it's quite a steep block right. Yeah but I'll just show you where we were the gas comes up through that line here. And then jumps across underneath. Pull I'll take you. I'll take you. Where are we going anyway. I get it. Can you get it. I'll show you. I'll show you where the gas pipe is. It's about 15 meters from where we were are now under the kitchen right. Yeah the gas high the other day. Where the hell is it mus gas pump the water pipe for us the gas brought me the other day. So if I knew this. Oh, yeah. Can I just say the water.

You can see the water tank there. Yeah, you're right. It was a yellow one was the gas 0.1 side to your right. There's a yellow behaviors in the either on. That's next door. Oh, I bet it usually is. Yeah So I can use it. Can you see the water part. Inside the water tank. It's the top of it. Yeah Yeah. So if this is the kitchen. I got the gas. There's a gas pipe because that's a gas stove is literally on the other side of that wall. Yeah, because it's only a small part. You couldn't put an instantaneous gas water because you won't get enough gas flow rates to run it. OK You need more gas. Need more gas volume. So that's a no. But you could put a gas storage right. So what I'll do is actually get a price that makes you go to you know the supply to get to prices actually they will not go. So I have to email them at 15 later on electric and probably a 250 gas. But gas is cool. It does. And also reheat in under an hour. Really take it three or four hours recovery for that much water. Yes Once you run out. It's paying a fine. So as storage gas would be actually awesome for there. That's actually well. Awesome So what I have to do is I'm actually going to do a screen record and connect it if you see different pictures all the requests to the supplies. Yeah, there's actually going to be two states right. It's going to be a real job. Wow crazy. Yeah right. So in. Yes I'm fine. Look how long did that just take us a lot less than it takes you to probably get filled up your car might they just sent me 40 kilometers of driving there and back. Yeah, we're a five minute walk around. Is there anything else you need to know about that site not wanting to know. Well, I think it's like you're going to need to know. If we go to storage. I need to bring an apprentice and lift this thing up the stairs. Yeah, a lot of stairs.

So there's a lot of states. So that needs to be factored in two people model. Are you strong enough. I know I am. I could do that. And there is an inclination. But it wouldn't get into it. Not just the two. But you'll never be it. And I'll take it want to keep the old steel cylinder for the tune of the script. He wants to take it away. Yeah take it away as far as the other thing is. There's nothing else need seducing shower. Water filters lock down points you the other stuff on needs salt mines. Good, good, good question there actually. So yeah. My partner hates our showerhead so let me just show you that if you're watching this, guys. This is actually all unscripted. This is all the time. It's completely accepts that he's a genuine jobs by God. I'll get my plumber from New Zealand. Yeah, this is the way I sell goods. This is what I do is like, well, now something here. What else needs fixing. You look at it, you'll see that we have a our wall challenges. Oh, yeah. This a piece of crap. Yeah Yeah. So we walk with a two head shower head on that. Well, you mean multifunction heat or actual two shower. Oh no, not like a big shower with a handheld.

Obviously, it goes like the Halyard. You want an overheat dump rise in a headpiece. Yeah Yeah. Something nice. I think she likes. Yeah but all the other Tupperware works. But you have a place that would be good. They don't want people who share this bathroom statements cooled. That's one with nice bathroom for your parents. Here's the bathroom. Bathroom cool. And if you win, you last chance to win a photo on your kitchen. I have no idea. But it's probably nicer. Yeah So just a guy trying to show me that as the dishwasher water. I don't think we've actually got to just look a little. What's on your fridge no water on the fridge. Oh right. You know what. Running water to that fridge would be a pain. No one would want to walk away with your fridge just behind me when I cook, you were under the floor right. You showed me under the floor. He said, yeah, we'd have to run it through. But yet there's no water on that wall. No no all right. It's just a silly one. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. It's just a six foot blue hose off the sink down to the floor and under and makeup. OK Yeah. Because that's where we were. Downstairs is under here. Yes, that is exactly right. Yeah So what you do is just a little sexual blue hose. Yep it's almost as that runs a little hold down the alcohol on the fridge. I was programmed like two hours. Yeah, but like waterfront. I we'd love it because that fridge is built for water and ice. But we just did. No water on behind it. And that water fridge. You know up to a sink. My god, this is going to get a quick job. Now Yeah Yeah. Being four weeks old. I have to use a new feature of the filter kit for it. Or is it gone. It was here when we bought the house filter.

OK Well, I don't think it's ever had water go to it. You know so-called was well, I to do you know any tortoise running on through. Well, they were good. They're all good. And you don't focus at all on what for winter you'll see spots that are Winge. My down pipes all need replacing. So I need to get Nate's got a gathering works. I was lying recently. Yeah, we. Now we'll do it. I'll give you a night. Who does. Don't pups. We don't get it. My wife my wife's they're all good. But my dad was so terrible. You shall we shall likes whether when was I last week unlocked and cleaned out, and it was like a little bit smelly. What's going on right now. I do the bit. So I can get to you. But say they are cleaning it. Oh good. All right. That's awesome David. So I'm going to send an email to get a price. I kind of would love to do it today. But I could get a price on this. It's not usually stocked to items for the electric and storage. Guess that's always so. So we'll have to do a young slow to get a quote awesome. Well, I appreciate you having a look at it for me. Thank you. He can see me through a couple of photos of the cylinder and actually of the fridge in the kitchen I'll put it on the job council, the boys can see. Yeah, I kind of just get there. The nightlight on the syllabus. Now I just take it from a distance. So the boys can see it's quite narrow there. Yep the annual. So what about some kind of shit insulation to be feared.

Yeah, it's a shoddy one. And then you're just in the kitchen. So they can see the easy access for that kind of time. Great fantastic. Awesome I can't stay out of it. People get under way. I'll show it to you now. Bye 

45 min read

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