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Tactical sales strategies part I




My words to be staged. Not like you're going to pay attention because my exit makes it a bit tricky to understand. What did one fish say the other fish in the tank, what man. How do you start this thing. Yeah, I love that. Just write it. Was the other day was good Maybe it's like Pelosi, who attended a nearly we just talk nonsense till midnight. And it was like, do you even know what proper. Do you even know what propaganda means is the joke. This is when an English patient has a really good look at something. I call it propaganda. You crack me up. Yeah So says will begin. So for those who think we shouldn't rename this the series top to old plumbers. Hi Can I just do a quick shout out really. Just let everyone know that I'm just going through a bit a skin treatment. If you a look at my face. I'm a bit of a mess. Sorry to die. But getting some skin cancers taken off by isis so everyone's aware that my face doesn't look that. Normally normally when the numbers are still coming in. But we'll start at midday on the home on the. But otherwise, we should talk quickly. For those who are new. Shall we do 1 minute on each of our sales for those who are new. So they just because this is a sales strategy is in place. There are two parts. But if you don't know who we are on day and pull out on founder of figures software. But I am a plumber by trade. Seven points since I was 22 went through a couple of businesses tax trouble the first one that went down sick when the streets burnt out. Third plumbing Kennedy did well I got the 20 Ford staff two branches and sold it for a good figure and now. But to get 25 staff. I got into software and Fergus now has over 50 staff. Actually we're hiring 15. At the moment, we're hiring 15 people into each age. And we're in two countries. So laughs in, say, the first two. But two businesses didn't go well at all. The last two, we did because I finally worked out business. And I always recommend he'll get coaching and help and don't spend 10 years in the wilderness like I did trying to work it out. Very cool. And who are you, Andy. Mr. Smith I'd say yes. One, I'm a Vietnam right. Two to saving one on he lot today. So I started my plumbing business called Dr. Drake plumbing over here in Sydney, Australia. And in 99 2000 and we grew up to quite successful business. But we grew why. To Foss and to me, it was all about royston taking the business to the next level. We had about 18 guys running around doing maintenance in Sydney and there was a lot of money coming in. But when I was coming in. Appreciate it was going somewhere. And we made some really good profit at the start. But in the end, it was this became an absolute mess. And we had no structure nice systems. No one was really accountable. And it was really tough. So we had not a nervous breakdown. But not far off. No, I said break it marriage and then we completely turned it all around. And set up business, not the right way. We went back to basics and rebuilt the business from the ground up. And now we have a business that funds me that mean, it's been running without me that I ran about 11, 12 years. Now when we started a new business. I called lost all training. So we could teach tried EasyBib in Australia New Zealand all around the world. Had a sick business up the road right from the very start because no one really told us how to be businessmen and women. And the big thing to remember here is really the business people are the ones that are most successful in the end. You can be the best trainee in the world. Does that mean you're going to make the money. It's about understanding business. So that's a bit of a snapshot of that. We are so excited. How we help people out there in the industry. Sounds good, right. So we'll answer your questions. Some of the as we go through. So to do taught them that this will be recorded and I think we seem to as it means and do email us with any sort of feedback, we will holding you webinars and training. But otherwise, when we start those who are listening and you know this is unscripted. So we have questions that we're working through. But we don't rehearse their answers because we like the freestyle and sometimes we have a slightly different opinion, but I'm always amazed at what 95 at a time. We're like we're always spot on. And so what I'm like about that for you guys is the validation that two guys have been both into the spectrum have all come to the same conclusion that there's only really one methodology you can use to run a successful business. Would you agree with that. And he's not mean, he's not many policy can take. No, there's not. And I think the biggest challenge everyone tries to create their own path of what I think he's right. And they've gone out to many rabbit holes and hit a dead end and have problems you know follow the tried and tested. It's done in this way. And I guarantee that's the best way to go. You don't need to trial and error any more you need to learn from someone who's been there, done that, and all of their structure and you will definitely get success. And also and you know we have no commercial like to do it like we have no there's no kickbacks there's no rebates there's no fees. It's all heavily promote. People would sign up with Indian and walks don't like country because it's the quickest fastest way to get the I've been through seven, eight years of struggling not with it. So I do recommend them and hopefully they recommend this bank. But we don't care what happened, right. It. So this is about selling right and say the next 55 minutes is about talking about what is selling and so good work. We're all we're all in sales. And it's kind of got maybe a dirty word doing a kick off what you think about what's selling is and maybe it's taking away the fear, the filthy having and sales and how it's actually it's awesome to be in sales. Yeah And that's heated, and I think the challenge that we have as business owners we know as business owners we need to sell and every day we go out, we need to sell. But then it comes down to what level is selling and that says a business sign on. And then you're going to come down to your trainees and go to. How are they selling and how are they helping. Because in life these days it's all about sales. And the biggest problem is when you say sales person sales person sales person sales person most trainees most people I cringe a little bit. And I hate that word salesperson and if China's thought is a car salesman that's trying to ram something down someone's throat and chasing him like a dog with a bomb to get asylum. That's not what we're going to talk about today. It's really an understanding that it doesn't matter who you are or what you do if you're going down the path to find your wife, your girlfriend, your boyfriend whatever it is you've got to be able to sell yourself and you've got to be able to communicate. So the things we're going to talk a lot more today is about how you can communicate with your clients. So much better. Well, I can't even get you a pizza. Now This is the saying I love all I can say twice, maybe three times. And because for me me silence that's on this foundation. I can't hear what you're saying who you are is shouting too loud Sergeant I can't hear what you are saying here you are shouting too loud. And so for me, what that means, first of all is before you even start trying to make a sale is what are people interacting with you. Are you friendly. Are you polite. Do you turn up on time. Do you have branding. Are you clean. Are you organized. Are you prompt. So for me, that's where it all starts getting that down there. So I call it the experience right the sales experience the customer experience. What is it like to interact with your business from the get go. Do you want to pick up on that. Yeah, I was saying. And that's the most important part of science is the communication, the way you do everything in your business to make sure that that customer knows you locks to trust you. And then it's giving them the options of what they can do next. Then it's really up to them on what they need to go ahead with not you try to jam it down someone's front. But do you think like when I was coming with that is 80% of communication is nonverbal. That's right. And that's exactly true. You know. And I think there's an element that customers have made a decision if they're going to use to even be full they've run you by looking at your website to see what's running down the road, maybe seeing your staff walking the streets whatever it ease is full of actually decided to make that phone call for some reason. Most times they've looked at your website. Hang on. They look like credible people. This is who I want to go. I'll give you a real life example because at the moment, I'm doing a mid-term renovation at home and some calling up the subways and contractors and people to get work done. And I called a staircase manufacturer staircase going to come and give me a price and he literally answered the phone. Hello, and so I was like, oh, did I get the wrong number like like. So I was like, how is that job from this from open season. Yeah And I was like, well, I started why this guy's probably not going to get my business because that was just weird, right. That's right. And you know, when people ring they want to know that being the right person. And it is right. It's funny. You know what. As you know I talk to a lot of trainees and sometimes I'll give them a call and had a bit of a chat. And when they came to the final height stay by John I will you know. And it's like, well, is this the actual guy I want to talk to. What is going on. It's a terrible way to run a business, but there's a real element of some trait business owners that they would be like, oh, I really care. It's my business. I love the black and white. But they're still the guys that complain that the business isn't going that well. Correct and so for me, it's selling is the experience that's from all of the people on your team. I try to infuse the word employees who don't like that that connotation. But say it's a helpful word. All of the people on your team need to no official help to help. How do we talk to our customers in a way that's friendly and engaging. So it's like you know I was your local plumber says your local plumber. Dan's making starter. They neither put a plumber. What company. And here they're speaking to grow. And so it's training your staff. It is to be friendly and approachable. So when I go to a customer's houses Hi, it's Dave, from your local town. I'm here to do this job. They introduced themselves to that how to building rapport right. And so rather than talking about being a salespeople it's like, well, your customer experience people I know that Tim gets bandied about now. And he'll go oh god not now that to me. But it's so true. What's the experience like. It's the first part of selling. Yeah, definitely. And it really does go through that whole process of the way you answer the phone the way you talk to the customer. The way you organize the job the way you boys talk to the customer. The way you do the job the way you invoice the why why why you like the money the way you finish the job. And that whole process is a step by step process that everyone really should be doing. Most people in this free styling it and just making it up as I go honest swaps and changes all day long. And you know as we say Steve, I want to one line. John out of it. Yeah if not, why, and the one that I want to get the same experience every time and helping with you on not making like when the guys are doing a maintenance job making sure that the patients in a short span covered in silicone glowing yet huge. I mean, all pretty began in the early years, the guy shirts had to be talking they had to be clean shaven. You know I know that a time when we could do that a little bit more and come to work. And I want to play shaving Scheiber and some cream on a lot of this guy downstairs and shave it. I think this day and age, you know the b train and gone. You know things are a little bit different now I'm not so critical. I'm talking the shooting. But certainly glue or any of that kind of stuff is a no, no, in our business. And that's a straight away. Hi, my name paints. Yeah, I will get you a new shirt that don't ask you to log in at 60 bucks each. And I realize that. So we give them shirts if they're going to work in booty areas and put them on like a polo and then we pick up a dress those shirts the other times and the photos you're listening to think. Now this is over the top. Let me tell you, it's not good. Now when you're working on construction jobs like totally different. It doesn't matter. But if you're interacting with retail public will always be you know presentation really, really matters. And so this does mean you need to deploy you guys with overalls book jackets and good clothes and bad clothes. So they can wear their appropriate crying for the jobs you know going to drain lying. You don't need them wearing the good guy when we're in the rough. Yeah Yeah. But when I attend to a customer's home because so I would. So it's really important Libyan got the foundation right. Nothing else works right. So in New Zealand, the master planners ran the survey around what was customer's biggest fear. Seven years ago now. And so we were all expecting time cost, quality is the biggest fear the single biggest fear was ladies feeling unsafe in their home. That the training would make them feel propositions or would go through the drawers looking at private stuff. So the single biggest thing that customers could think about is their personal safety in the home. And so if your tradespeople are tuning out and they don't care about themselves, then look crappy. The experience was crappy. What you're what you're actually saying to customers is we don't actually care about you. The experience you get. And it puts the customers on each right. So when you try these tune up and good things with good uniforms good communication you're saying we care about the experience because we get it that you're a bit worried about your safety. And so this was so important. Yeah, I think there's an element to that. The trainees themselves feel like look at the gateway way got way. Good looking reasons I stand out in the community other try to look up to them. So our uniforms nice trucks and all that kind of stuff is a big thing for us because that makes people want to be a part of who we are and our culture within our business as well. Yeah And like, I get it somebody goes a study you model might I have the fashion vehicles. Now That's OK. You work your way up to good vehicles over time. But you can still always make sure that are at least all white and they are signed written by I watched every couple of weeks right. You can stop being quite cheaply right for 400 bucks with your sums on riding on your vans to get you going and you use the start. From that foundation like not to live at that point. Got a bit to get through. But if you haven't got that foundation of looking good understanding that customers are fearful of interacting with you. You can't build on anything right. Exactly Exactly what you're going to make sure that if you're looking good. And we talk about a slide in a minute in a minute about maximizing that customer experience, which we'll go over that a little bit. Day by day. Yeah sorry. So that's the foundation right. So no but you have to communicate to your to your team. Why it's so important that you dress appropriately for the situation because it's about, you know, as you say, it's not looking good. Feeling good for your team. But it's also about giving your customers the peace of mind that you're psyched to deal with. Right well that's built on that foundation that we want every customer homeowner to replace or refer. Right repeat refer and if you get a good experience they're going to repeat and refer. Right So therefore, this. No you have no selling because to me that is now that is selling. Yeah, there's no doubt about it and repeat business for us, our average docile goes up three time. We did a week we get asked that says, you know we're running new estimates. But whereas 77% repeat business at the moment, which is absolutely huge. And we're not spending much money on marketing and the guys that just constantly giving the customer that amazing service. Mean anyone that knows Dr. drip in our pricing. We definitely aren't cheap. We're on the high side. But it's not about how much a charge. It's about what you do or what you offer and about how you got to your customers. That is really what it comes down to in the end. So I do want to run. Like there's no sales my money right. So you want to talk about that as it may be, you think you to talk about like the average job. You guys are good on likes. I don't know. I don't like the term upselling right. Because in my mind my way of thinking is we're selling the service that customers need. Right Yeah. And if on the phone site. And I see that something else can be fixed by not telling the customer I'm actually doing them a disservice right. To say but you want to take them through how you've managed to get the sales coaching at the end. Yeah Yeah. Labor or how you train the team you comfortable to go on site. And then actually sort of. Well, it is an upscale, but I don't. It's a good thing to sell them to take care of the needs. Yeah, that's right. I think what a little bit. We're going to remember is there's some businesses that are out there. Someone rings up and they say they've got a problem. That guy they do their job and they run away. Now to me, they have not done the right thing by the customer because I haven't looked to make sure everything else is in a perfectly good order and anyone that's been in business for a while. You gotta you do that job you run out the door you don't know from an amazing service in that ring up like a white guy saying, hey, I have another problem. With any luck I'm going to charge you another service school that doesn't go that well. So we're all about trying to make sure the customer understands how the house is going. When we do a health check to make sure everything is OK and things that don't pass we show them that I pass and then they make a decision. Felt like a price for that. But the thing that we're trying to point out here is no business would even be around if you didn't have we say it was easy every day loss. If you don't have sales you don't even have a business you sort of. But then it comes down to how do if you want your business to be better and be able to grow and have money to pay you the right staff and be at a market and have nice trucks and uniforms. You've got to be making money, you've got to be making profit. So you can actually grow your business. And this is where we come in because most trainees run in and out the door like we said. Now we're trying people to go well this is what other opportunities are there. And if you don't offer it to the customer then you're obviously leaving money on the table. But you're running off to go to another job that could be 10 minutes away an hour or y And there's no better time to make a better average dollar sale than when you're standing in front of the customer. So how did you manage it. But how you. I mean, it's a big, tall order right. What are you going to give an insight on how it is you managed to somehow quote, change your mind. Try these two. Yes, especially if they're working on waiters to want to be bothered to care. Yeah, so I think the big thing is, I'm lucky to click on to the next slide if that's like mine. And it's about understanding and maximizing the customer experience. And I think the big thing eases most trainees flying these bases to expected Ryan John, and this is what they customize sort of the specs you know they expect you to have a truck. They expect you to have a uniform. This is not the basic. I expect that you've got to Lawson see now. And this is the very basic level of what they say they expect you to have is basic, but then when it comes into expected. I think this is way that they expect the I'm writing on the car, you're going to have a unit. You've got to be reasonably clean and tidy because this line has probably moved from basic, which would have a five or six years ago up to a Bob expected because at HP we get better and better and better. And the trick is the unexpected. They know that this is what the other trainees are offering added spice, but if you're playing below that line you are leaving a lot of money on the table and you're not running a business to what I would think you want. You need to be looking at your customers, your avatar whoever it is you work for and you're going to try and push them into making sure you're doing stuff that desire and that is turning up on time, being clean and tidy. And then push up again into unexpected way. Your lying mats on the floor and you type everything up and you go above and beyond that, most trainees don't do that you give them birthday cards you give them presents when I spend a certain amount of money for you doing something over and about then. And I think that's when you get 70 cent reclaimed business. Like, we have in our business because we go above and beyond and the customer is like, wow, you know plumbers or trainees actually did DCC huge. Well, I mean, just this morning. I supposed to have the installation going smooth at 90 per so I got the call got paid. He never showed. And today, the heating guy most wants to come back maybe never shine. So these are both things these. And this is I would have to say this is my experience of most trainees. I'm using good food sandy and looking like they're not even doing the basics. Well, this is the lessons everyone listening to die. And this is what we do really is teach people to be doing the unexpected and run an absolute taught cheap because I guarantee you you're playing at that level, you're picking up an exit 15 20% of customers who wouldn't normally get. And these guys are leaving it all behind and they're leaving it for you to pick up the scraps. Well, I think because I'm also on the customer you want because I care less about cost and more about quality and service. I'm not upset. I Joe. And so but I think the magic sauce here, though anyone really interested in is how on earth did you change the culture because you took it. They're all good guys right. Even the great guys. But the people who are supposed to come and bothered to call. So how a what on earth does the training. I mean. Well, it does take training. But what on earth do you teach to try and change. I know your members, and they all do well, right. So much. So what on earth because of what I'm trying to get run to understand is changing culture is really hard right. It doesn't happen in a week. It's like months and months and months probably a year. We're ready to bake it in, isn't it. Well but what do you get in the coaching sessions that everyone starts to go. Oh, we know what we have to do to change the culture, because it's just doing food. I think expected design. I speak about the big junior right. So what did you learn. And what do you teach to help friends and employees to change what they do. So I think the biggest thing is most tried businesses. They've got no business real experience. They know how to do their job. So running a business, I really this fall down on this whole customer service customer experience. And I just think that this is the way I've done it for a while. This is the way my past boss has done it. And this is the way I'm going to do it. But what you really need to do is you've got to set your business. Well and truly and Bob and I'll get you to click on that next slide for us. Dan, you to set yourself apart from everyone else. What makes your business stand out more than anyone else. Because otherwise you're just another tribe and just another plumber electrician builder. Know you need to be something different and offer something different that your customers are going to love. And they get to choose you at the exact same time because that's what you need. You know that, as you say, it's not all about price. It's about experience. So you know we had to dive deep and we've been doing this for a few years now. But I like to have a meeting team meeting with all the team advising way we're going and why. And I think the best way to get your staff to follow this path is to really make them understand that this is going to generate better better customers. It's going to generate more money. It's going to be a better business. And then we're going to be out to pay you better. Now my little good. We're probably one of the highest payers sort of gone around. Why can we do that is because we charge good money. We offer a great service. And we make the profits that we can put that back into x aiming at guys when most tribe businesses are lucky to even pay themselves a day's why when they do it by themselves. Why to you work it how many hours they actually work in a week they get paid less than their staff and then they stop. A pay rise and you get a slap on. I mean guy we got no money. So how do you get your team to keep stepping up. If you're running at an average business. And this is where God's got a chance that mindset and it starts with the business on a tiny island since that was one point, I was to raise because the one recurring blockage I find that's a plumbing company too, by the what you're paying attention. Couldn't help it. Young It's like the single biggest barrier. I see because I see you 18. I think you know we hit about the same way 25 in total. Those are big business of men. Yeah but the one thing that always. And the other says it is a myth. I want to dispel what when you're organized and you pay, we make really good money right. Did you hear that it is a bit of a myth. I might make more money when I had three or four blocks than when I had 16 blacks. I'm going to call bullshit on that. It's bloody stressful and busy with 25 18 minute busy lives like this. Make no mistake. But boy, they drop out some cash as well, right. But there's no question they have some cash. However, you will never be in a successfully big business until you follow this simple rule in. This is your life. You just touched on the single biggest barrier. I see young CEOs scratching at young guys few weeks ago, I said this there's no point until your and his biggest well he got stuck was I said, my business is not about what you want. Because he wanted a lifestyle that could kind of work for him and his staff and be re pretty tame and be small and keep it fun and not do 70 hours. And I'm like, dude that is not business. That's what you want. That's not business as a bit what the customer wants. What are the customer outcomes. Where are the customers telling you. Your job is to deliver the customer experience. And so until your mindset is in that zone. That's all about the customer experience is all about building a business that delivers that experience. And then when it's big enough that they know will give me the money for my lifestyle in that order. Yeah, I think there's quite a few people in it jumping on these whole spend a heap of money on marketing, especially here in seeking the companies that are spending between 50 and 100 grand a month on AdWords. You know. I know. And there's money coming in the bucket that it's going out there and getting a lot of young guys trying to follow in that path. And it's a massive no, no, you know what on entrepreneur guys all the time I've got four tracks and I want. I've got 10 trucks and I'm like, OK. And it doesn't take me long to have a chat with these guys to realize that I got 10 trucks they're going to struggle because I don't have the right foundations and structures set up what. I'm like, whoa, whoa, whoa settle down, guys. Let's work on this and this and this. And then you can grow to whatever level we want. Yeah And you know that was some of our customers with guys that have started with us that didn't even have a business and within a year and a half we're doing two 1.8 million. And now they're on track for 2.5 million and they got a 3.5. All I did was just follow the Dr. Dre model and then I didn't have that hard. I can stress that I had you had you don't want to grow too fast without the right foundations. OK So now this is like. So this is the crunch. I think for me, this is the crunch point of the decision for everyone listening. But it's also like the really hard news. I think, which is you have to follow a system in a crisis. And there's not many ways to do it like you've got to put aside everything you want. And yes, I know you don't want to get off the stuff. Yes, I know you don't want some action to find. Yes, I know you do want someone calling customers. Yes, I know you don't want office staff. It's a cost and a hassle. You've got to organize it. You know you don't want to do avatar housing and branding and trying to use. I know all of that. Spend there, done it. But the answer is you have to. Well, you're right. And the biggest problem in 90% of the people aimed at listening today is the actual business owner themselves. You know it's. I just want you to look at yourself in the mirror and realize your business is where it is today because of you and you want. Now that could be successful that could be on the verge of liquidation but it all comes down to you. Doesn't matter what happens with your chain when anything goes wrong. It's always the business owners fault. And until you get to that position where you want to stay in that it's myself and I'm the one and you stop. I'm this blind guy and the reality in this actor in the world. Lemon you're never ever going to get to the right path that you want to be. And that's why at most these people just stay stagnant. I don't grow that I don't have money. They struggle and they just keep doing this saying she'd stop. Time and time again, is not wake up. So they took it down. So the one thing I can guarantee you and Andy I'm going off on my money better. And then you happen. OK, you know what. Jump in here and tell me if you think I'm wrong. The one thing I can guarantee you I'd even want them a cheap myself that if they follow the prices they will keep every single one of their team members busy forever. So the small amount it costs for these training programs. I can guarantee no. I brought the cheap. If you follow this prices in a system, you will never have to worry about getting or two and your money. Like if you train your staff ahead to actually care about the customer. They will always keep themselves busy. Plus get more work. I've never seen a single I can use a. Maybe if you live in a town of 300 people on the back of beyond the front. There's no work. But if you live in a city even with a minimum of like 5,000 people is still work to keep you and your team members busy. Always right. See how Timothy is very vague but I would also say it's very hard to learn these tools or processes without training but really the like how did sales training for years. I did sales training. I thought I could never beat it without being paying for training my team does not why not. But I can guarantee everyone if you follow me as a process. It is great. Anyone to sell. It really does not mean wants really isn't what we're talking it sounds about culture one is about culture systems, processes you will keep your teammates busy, and it will pay for itself. And then you could afford to have a prison not trying to find you in the right direction. As soon as you employ your first office person to answer the phone and book the jumps and walk the streets just starts to melt off you. It does. And I think there's a lot of people that just way, way too many hats and they're an absolute control freak and no one can do it like them. And I just can't let go. And that's where, as you say, to someone in the office when you think easily making $100 $100 an hour. And that person the office might be $25, $30 an hour. But you're doing all that work. You got to look at this kind of stuff. And realize some people go that it's just impossible to grow a lot will if everyone in the world thought that to be a lot of one man show companies around like this certainly a y you've just got to follow and follow the path and you're right. It's not hard. We know the path. We do the part. And if you want to follow the past guaranteed success you know. And so I suppose at the end of the day. What's it. I love the saying fully. To be change the pain of inaction has to be greater than the pain of action. Yeah, that's right. And so I can. Like I've been here. You've been here. Well, I can guarantee you that it's actually less difficult than you think to sign up for these training courses and start implementing the work right. Because you know the first week. It's like, OK, this week. OK I'll organize uniforms right. You know in three weeks, I'll get some balance on riding right. I'll bring in a little prices to make sure the bones are clean. Right we'll do some training to make sure the guys know how to talk to customers right. We do. But every week, every two weeks. And over six months. You can make a lot of progress by doing little things every week right. But I don't know if you could even learn a point not signing up for a program. I just I just don't know how you can do it all. I think the big thing is people dig down and they hate and then maybe sitting in outside. I know that I know that I know that I know that. And I've got a real belief that if you're actually not doing it, then you don't know it. So stop telling yourself bullshit you've gotta put it in play and once it's implied you know you know. And that's just too easy for all of us in life to go to the easy things to do and not the hot things, and all the things that seem a little bit more difficult. So you've got start building a house might start with a plan. You just stop at the foundations and you got a follow up process. And that's what you've got to do in running a business that might try to stop the nine foundations. Not a slap they throw a frying up and you don't know when a storm comes the cracks appear and finally falls over. And so because we were sort of you can ask the subset questions right. We're well we're well on time. So we answer that some questions. Those are listening. So please ask us lots of questions about selling we speak because we still haven't talked a lot about what you heard is selling us. So much about the experience right. We really talked about selling on site. Well, we will. We will talk about closing a deal. We've got time. Well, that next slide 19 is called the cork. Yeah plus whole throw system the moment the phone rings because going to say the if you're in business. And if you're a little bit serious that you actually want to go even three or four trades will give you a very nice lifestyle one at three or four trades. So busy means you don't have to work every day on the tills hard at yourself right will give you a good lifestyle. The species will get a bit older trades. And we get a few injuries. We need to find ways to be doing the least physical work. But I would say one of the things you have to make a commitment to as a business owner is making a steeper space with the business outside of your home. So whether that's a garage on the property or renting a small office space make a commitment to not have your business in your mind living home what maybe take under your house and the carriage or rent a small space. For me, I think that the emotional, psychological separation and creating a space for the business. There's a cool fundamental way. You need to work to what are your thoughts on creating an actual space with the business outside of the home. Yes, I agree. It really comes down to the nature. You are working with. If you're working with builders and working with projects and you can sort of do your '70s for a 30 or whatever that ease and then you can go to your office for a few hours sort of to find out why you go. Some people are doing that 24 hour emergency maintenance sort of work in that finding states that attached to a ahead and it doesn't matter where you are. You've got it. And that's the spice that we find to many cities. You know that's the why we need it on the rule belaboring that when you arrive home. Yeah, but you need to switch off and you need to leave everything from work in your car. If that's good or bad. And then when you come home, we'll present in the y feel part and you'll give them genuine talk because you know, this is a team effort not just a useless effort. I hear some trainees go. But I work. So bloody hard. At least what I do when I come on. It's about mood or not, I'm like, well, that's a real old school way of looking at things. I think this day and age, you know if it's staying at home with the kids or it's a part time job or whatever it is, it's a team effort. And you got to leave all the negativity that maybe you had in business and give it Brian and change. This has been talked about as well. Yeah And I would say the reason I talked about that is because mental health is a big thing. And I can't believe I can still remember the day, I finally got rid of the first office and the business was completely out of home. Oh my goodness, the emotional relief of going to work and coming home was just phenomenal. I mean, it's hard to it's hard to describe the relief the distance away from home. It is an element that when you've got an office in your home, you're always on and you always know there's work just behind that door. Yeah always thinking it out. Then when they you know I find that I was always the most stressed when I had it. One of my keeps with day arms wrapped around my leg. Fine a talk to ask Lauren and I'd be upset that I'd be frustrated that Kim was hanging on my leg being frustrated that I was talking to the cast and I'm not upset that I wasn't giving my keep the time of day and night. I understand what I was doing. That's what I felt was the most stress when I was at home trying to juggle between the two. And if anyone else feels that way. I'd love to put it in the chapel to do that. That's the challenge of working at home. Sometimes Yes the reason it's not there is because if you're going to take your business seriously. I think that means actually being serious about giving a business, its own place and it does. I think he makes it But just like maybe your marriage would think something and your house or read something small but just a place you can go. Because I'm also a huge believer, as soon as possible. You need to get some part time office people to answer your phone like me, there's the foundational selling is like you don't ever never ever let it go to voicemail like it's your main line. It's gotta go to an answer services where a person answers on your behalf fundamental right. I was saying, you know it just this day and age, you know unless this customer knows you and loves you and it used to be full I'll leave the message if they haven't used you before I hang up and they stride on to the next wanting good know it's one on one. So we've got these foundations. If you can think you see how seriously you need to give the business, its own place so that you've got the emotional spice to yourself and the business and make a commitment that we're going to piece in the customer experience. So we're going to get an office person to answer the final. They can be remote or preferably in that little office because it's the first place that customer experience starts is you aren't going to find the trade you can call them or call the customer if they're going to be like. But you starting to care about the customer experience or this the sales price starts stats on that that experience side right. So that's reinforcing the outcome. So So we've now got all that laid out. Right this is now when you can start layering on marketing and start running sales campaigns right. You need to have the structure right first too many people spend too much money on marketing. That does give them the return that days like 20% or 30% at a business. Now that you could generate extra work just by doing free stuff that you just don't know about. And you don't do. Yeah So what we tend to see as my biggest struggle. Running a company with three little kids hunting season. It is tough and brutal. You know I just had a meeting with a couple just before I jumped on the view and they bought tweens and they do tomorrow. And I'm like, oh my god, we've got so much to do you know. And yeah it's tough. We've all been. Well mostly what have kids at name through it. And it's going to be a real tough road. But you know what you'll come out the other side of it. And you'll see. All right. Yeah, will come the other side. But gosh, it's a lot easier if you can just get the business out of home. Yeah, exactly and I think that the challenge with most people had these I sort of would love someone in the office, but because I don't run a business that well. And it's all over the place and they like they're running around like a chicken with a tech cuddles it just in this place reminds me of oh my god. And even if I've got someone I don't even not have the money to pay that someone and I don't even know. And they start second guessing it rethinking when you start saying guess everything. Nothing happens and you just get that right on that running low doing the same thing. Diane Yeah. Well, I mean, I can tell you from listening on three or four staff you know like if you do it properly went. You know I did went off to maintenance work. That's why I really want new housing early on because not many new housing. So we didn't hire and in Renault's bathroom but just tons of maintenance is good money for three or four guys. You can you can afford a small office, and you can definitely a four part time office now. Definitely Yeah. Quickly what you're saying. I think there's a lot of people that work for project builders and the margins are so low. No, I'm I have some amazing clients started to work for me high end builders and all that stuff that's in serious coin that's different. That's different. That's different. I mean, I don't know about you, but most much plumbers sparking I listening. They'll be doing whatever is three and three jobs a diaper trainee on average. And if they did a great service they could actually make good coin to a job because as you say once you're on site you've got the upside opportunity to service and you move out you can sail but we're on your resistance cool conveyor. This is part of what you helped train people on, right. This is part of the project. It's called the nine steps. It's nine steps. It's called the coal converter. And the reason why we roll. This is we everything we do in our business is so scripted and we know what's going to happen along the way. And we felt like a lot of tragedies that it didn't follow a path like this. Now I know that if you're out in the field and yet you know you find a test ahead and you're under a sink or in a roof. It's hard to know the exact process. But if you have off the stock you definitely need to do this. It's all about that very. From the moment that phone rings, you do that, roll call with these guys you know you're happy you're excitable you know, you're dealing with exactly what I want. So what the first thing is always that happy welcome at some and getting an understanding of where their accent. And then we go into this. Just do a quick snapshot of it clarifying their problem. And what we do. Danny just so happen. We help you today. And I will just talk for one minute, five minutes. Have authorities here telling you what's going on in your job when you're listening to the problem. Yes, we understand that we can certainly fix that. And even if that's a girl in the office that doesn't really know what's being said at that point in time. But we pretty much agree with everything they're saying, as long as it's a plumbing joke we know our guys can fix it. And at that time sometimes customers will say, well, how much do you charge. Now we are very anti talking about pricing at the beginning, we like to bring 19 at the lower dam where you see the set the rules. So the idea of that is must ring up. Hey I've got a leaky toilet. How much. And if you just tell your pricing. OK, thank you very much. And that price shopping right. So the whole idea is what we do. We say, well, listen. We'll certainly go over that with you. Mrs. Jones that cannot please stop with your night. Yes And then they give us a name and give us a number. I give him the address. Now as soon as they give you your name number and address it. But buying used you as a company, you have their name. You have their number and you have their address. So you're in a lot stronger position now moving forward. And that's a real big mistake that most people make. I talk pricing in that over the phone. They don't really type control of the uncle and it's our job as business owners to get the outcome we want out of this phone call as well as offering great customer service. So you get to follow these steps so that the story is all about building rapport and making sure you're getting the details now. And for those who are listening there. What are you going to bear in mind like the examples of what I'm dealing with like I'm trying to get trainees to come up. So I can give them money. Like I'm literally struggling to get people to come for me to get the money. Yes So. And so I get caught that we charge because like nobody see you. Fine but if someone will slow me down. Give me the confidence that oh meeting with a few sharks I've got the process. I'm now going to feel like, OK, well, at least they're going to turn up. So I'm actually being on the other side of it. Now It's really interesting of realizing why this is so important. Like I'm trying to go, oh, I'm actually dealing with someone that's professional is probably going to. Yeah, I'm not going to pay for it, but at least I'll be here waiting this morning, my luck with them behind the nation. Mr. pearl was a customer and I took time off work waiting for him to turn out the best. So not because I think the next stage of that is the actual be heard. Now you've got the details. And you know you can. I think a question came up. Do you click the model and the answer was yes I didn't take the whole question that it's about letting the customer be heard then and gathering more facts. So Dennis Locke said Mrs. Jones should go to block driving. You mentioned to me that the toilet was blocked. Do you mind me asking me asking where it was that toilet is head on straight on sweet 9 bathroom. Where is it. How do you know it's blocked. Is it overflowing outside. We have gone through all those facts. I totally understand that you understand me. And once you gather all that facts. The next thing. It's very important is to everything you collected to feed that banner. So Mr. Johns from what you've said, you've got to block toilet in your en suite bathroom. The toilet is rising up and you've also noticed some toilet paper on that outside. That's correct. That's definitely what it is. Well, we can definitely sort that out for you today. I know that it's a block to our. You probably would like to get that done. I yes. So what I suggest is we booked bedding for 2 o'clock today. Does that suit. Yeah, that's exactly how you sell now. I think it's either not as his but doesn't talking about money and stock without the tie because a lot of potential dumb clients. Yeah, that's right. I mean, we do these other thing could they say the customers and our whole job is to make sure that we get quality customers. So we're not driving through traffic and around Sydney dealing with people we really want to work with. So if someone's just ringing up and they want to cross over to find the taxi they're not our customer. Yeah, I think that's right. I know there's a another statement that birds of a feather flock together. And you do not want to. Well, my opinion, you do not want to wait for people to just go in the lowest price because then all their friends allow its price and you get stuck working for this lowest price people and you just don't want to be on that side of the spectrum. But I guarantee right now everyone listening that's probably 90% of you that 30% if you would you probably shouldn't be working for those customers yet hardly touch them, they say you like when you do that, you slow payers and your nonprofit based dialogue is just going to move them on and why build a business on sheet costs on sheet clients. You got to be on good customers. And I don't care if that means your smaller business that you're growing at the right price. To me people are building businesses on people. And I everyone I work for. Yes it's amazing when you ditch the people who don't pay. Yeah Oh, my goodness is it because then what happens is like either if you stop working for people and pay your low money slope hires you're free to work for the people who pay you more money. It's like this weird thing that goes, oh my god, what Nancy that earlier. The thing is I can guarantee at any time. I keep putting his fate on the hook as written is the one thing I can guarantee you from listening is if you invest in customer experience customer outcomes you will always get a return on that money guarantee guarantee and you will always get more work if you focus on delivering an outcome. You'll work for them again. And the people who are like them. And those are the people you want to work for. Right So in the next stage it's all about opening the job. Now we have gone through the first six steps. And this is where we as a company set the rules on how we as a company ply very, very important for us. We set rules like it's a $55 cool outfit when you go ahead with the job. We wait to cool out say and it's free. Yeah, we I'm out plumbers will come and give you a price up front. And if you want to go ahead. I will start immediately. And at the end of the job Mr. Jones how are you going to pay to die. Cash or credit card. Yes And we sit and go, oh, well, I'm not used to paying at the end of the job and Well Mr. Johns we once the job is complete. There should be no reason you should be out by the end of the job in that and not in those words, but the customer does and loudest and that's the rules. And the reason for setting the rules on the phone is so important. It's important for the trainee because sometimes customers try and manipulate. What the officer said to what I say to the treaty. So some of the customers out on the opposite highlighter and apple was guy. Well, no, they didn't. We have a strict policy. And this is what we do a setting the rules of business, then and they sets the record straight. They know they're going to pay straight. And they know exactly what's going to be done. No, I agree. And if we were to do this and other webinars. If you're going to grow to a big business virtually at this level, you are giving a price guide on every job before you start the work. So that you think, when you had your 20 staff and 125 staff at white school every week was like 40 grand. So we'd have 40 grand in cash coming in 10 grand a day. Yeah, there is no way you're running a business on credit at that size. You are getting cache on every job because I didn't want to get hired as you are telling the customer what was going to cost you. You say you set the rules, it's like giving an estimate. And you got to pay on completion or pay deposits. This is just it's just the way most people pay. And if someone doesn't want to pay. That's your sign to walk away. And majority of people that say to me. I've got no time. I'm just too busy in my head spinning is because I don't do the fundamentals of running the business right. And that I do these simple steps when you're on site. And some of you guys that are listening might be commercial in different nations. Well, I can do that. And I understand. But you can still set rules on how your business works. And then be heading to adding the well when what we do is not it's I can't miss it Jones we've got you booked in on this guy. At this time I'm between we don't we do a two hour time slot between 8:00 and 10:00 on Monday the 21st of November. And I'll just. Just so you don't have to hang around from us. We'll get out tribe to give you and we'll give you a text message. And I try to ring you a half an hour before we arrive. So it means I can be down the shop I can be around the corner. I could be having a shower whatever it is they can get stuff done. So they're not hanging around all day coming onshore. Now when we added the text message first, it went from a conversion rate of people, ancient to find 50% because most people don't answer a number that no know we need to text message before they died. Our specialist blocked drain. So I will be giving you a ringing in five minutes. 95 percent would answer the file. Yeah amazing. That's amazing. And then we put end into that next step. Really which is all about ending on a high note Mrs. Johns. Thanks for your phone call today. Way out there. The 21st of November between 8:00 and 10:00 on David block drying specialist. He will be out there to look after your problem. And I just want to thank you for your call today. Anything else you need. Don't hesitate to contact us. Otherwise, the next time, you'll be it'll be a text message from us. And you'll hear from the plumber 30 minutes out. Yep, that's an experience correct. The summary, the summary. So this is the summary rundown we went pretty well. I mean, I think we might read a word for word, but sales training is mandatory, but it's not run by business by any guys. I'm going to invest in a proper business. I'm going to get some of the staff going to some premises to get uniforms branding website and training starts there right. Yes Once that foundation does it, then you can maximize that customer experience. But there. And I should. It's very nicely possible. And then once those are in place, then you can start working all the cool scripting training improvements right. Once you've got the once you've got those foundations in place. So these nuggets will be seen too. But what are we talking about next week. Mr. Smith on part two. And I do it just more just more about the customer experience just more about now how do we really start. We're going to start really when we're on site and. Yeah because like one of I'm other things is I'm saying I like this in my own mind as you can do management by education. So you can't blame your staff for what's going on inside all the angels down there and you should done that, hey, they should have done that as like now you can't do management by application you can't do parenting by education. You actually have to do it. You have to get right into it know what's going on. So civil. You've got to come of that mindset going to grow a business. And it's going to go really well. And I can guarantee you money bet that if you invest in customer experience you will always get your money back. I'm saying my that's what you need to be doing in business. And that's not the way in. Thank you, ma'am. Never see you again. That's not the way to run a business right. You know we've been in business for a long time. It's about the relationships and the people and the foundations of the business. And I sense a customer that makes it a valuable business in the long term. Now we've got training on focus this segment that we've been trying to help somebody else. How to run a business. But I would really encourage everyone to sign up for training. Also training are awesome. You can't be somebody who's been there and done it and actually grown a trained business to two big signs. Yeah, there's coaches out there. I talked to them. They're going to run 20 businesses let alone gotten to you know, 20 plus. And if you haven't done it. It's the stuff you don't know. I mean, so in the end is amazing. And is amazing think the whole team is amazing. I think the big thing here is obviously, we lost all trading, which is all about getting your business model. And going through the process. But this what we've got here we've got a special offer for anyone that might be interested we normally charging 1997 for these guys online, just today it's 597 minutes the sales success series. What I found was a lot of our customers, they know about sales and even some business owners. OK exiles that they found it really hard to train the team up to do styles and hats and potentially we will work along the way. So what we actually built was a 14 part training series, which was exactly for the trainees. We've also built facilitators god that trains you. I had a truck had to run this. We chain. The video's gone through around about six minutes each. One video goes for about 15 minutes, but it's everything you need to know in regards to sales and about you stepping up as a business sign up and then being able to train your team to go down this path and win more sales. So it's an absolute bargain if anyone's interested in getting involved. Do you think you know the amount of money you can make missiles obviously issues credentials. So please through the training guys. It's not a lot of money. Oh my gosh. It's cheap and what I can say is that the years that can save the years and years in the wilderness. But I just want to do more of what lifestyle training, especially the coaching especially to get that right the mindset right. And the companies to know that it will work. It does work. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook. That's also try to introduce thank you to all those who attended. Thank you for the questions. Reach out to us with more questions. And we will see you guys in about three 4 weeks looking forward to it. Thanks, everyone, for listening to us. And you get out there and make sure you step up your business and make it a business is super proud of you. Are you proud of library something you're proud of. Yes All right, everyone. A good month. And we'll talk to you again. Thanks a.j. Talk to you drop by. 

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