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"By adopting this system we are now seen as professional and progressive within our town"

Daniel Gunther, Owner, Gunther Electrical

"Since adopting Fergus, in the last 6 months, we’ve seen a 60% increase in our business."

Ben, Co-Owner, KVA

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2 min read

How Fergus Transformed Luke Smith's Business

In NSW, just south of Sydney, Smith Brothers Building has made a name for itself as a premier construction company specialising in additions, renovations, and commercial works. With a great team and a mission to continually grow, the company has seen significant improvements since adopting Fergus, a job software tailored for the trades industry. Luke Smith, the owner of Smith Brothers Building, shared his journey and the transformative impact Fergus has had on his business.

The Challenge Before Fergus

Before using Fergus, Luke struggled with managing the administrative side of his business. “It was a nightmare, really,” Luke recalls. The old-school pen-and-paper method and the use of whiteboards for tracking jobs were inefficient and messy. Quoting was done through Xero, but there was no system in place to track job progress. “I wasn't tracking jobs. I didn't have a dashboard like I do now, obviously with Fergus, so I couldn't really see what was outstanding, what was current, what jobs we were working on,” Luke explains. This lack of organisation and visibility often led to inconsistencies and financial strain.

The Transition to Fergus

In 2019, Luke decided to switch to Fergus, and the difference was night and day. Fergus provided a comprehensive solution that integrated quoting, invoicing, and job tracking into a single platform. This transition helped Smith Brothers Building to be more organised and profitable.

“Using Fergus and back costing helped me refine my quoting technique. It helped me educate the team on how many man-hours we had allocated to a job,” says Luke. The ability to upload photos and track job progress remotely allowed Luke to spend more time in the office while staying on top of every project detail. “Financially, it changed my business and its undertakings and my life essentially.”

Significant Improvements with Fergus

1. Enhanced Clarity and Direction

Fergus has given Luke and his team a clear view of all ongoing and upcoming projects. “It's given me clarity. It's given me direction,” Luke states. The dashboard feature allows Luke to see all his projects, including current jobs, prospects, and pending invoices, at a glance. This clarity has been crucial in making informed business decisions.

2. Improved Financial Management

Before Fergus, Smith Brothers Building experienced erratic financial performance, with some jobs doing exceptionally well while others failed to break even. Fergus helped stabilise this by providing tools to track costs and profits accurately. “We were never profitable before we started using Fergus. Now, we can track our projects financially, and it has improved both my business and personal finances.”

3. Professionalism and Efficiency

The professional quotes and proposals generated by Fergus have elevated the company's image. “I just love how it presents, you know, it's professional, it's got our logo there. It talks about the client, the site address, the job number, the quote with line items for the works to be done,” Luke describes. This level of professionalism has helped secure more business and set clear expectations with clients.

Beyond Business: Personal Impact

The benefits of Fergus extend beyond business for Luke. The time saved and the reduced mental stress have allowed him to spend more quality time with his young family. “It's definitely saved me time, like mental anxiety, I suppose. It's helped me compartmentalise my business projects so I can keep my finger on the pulse and then I've got time to spend with my young family,” Luke shares. This balance between work and personal life has been invaluable.

For Smith Brothers Building, Fergus has been more than just a job management software—it has been a game changer. By providing clarity, improving financial tracking, and enhancing professionalism, Fergus has transformed the way Luke runs his business. As Luke puts it, “With your tool and the right implementation of it, it changes the game for a tradie.”

Fergus continues to empower businesses like Smith Brothers Building, helping them grow, succeed, and achieve a better work-life balance. If you're a tradie looking to overcome similar challenges, Luke's story is a testament to how Fergus can make a difference.

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