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"By adopting this system we are now seen as professional and progressive within our town"

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"Since adopting Fergus, in the last 6 months, we’ve seen a 60% increase in our business."

Ben, Co-Owner, KVA

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3 min view

Creating a Quote


Watch this video to learn about the steps involved with quoting in Fergus from start to finish.



hi guys, It's Dylan here from the Fergus team. In this video, I'm gonna be showing you how to create a quote in Fergus from the home section of Fergus. We need to select new job from the top left of the screen. First thing we need to do is select a customer from the existing customers or create a new one. In this case, I'll choose an existing customer and choose the same as customer for the site address.

Now I select quote from the three options here and then give my job a name and a description to move to the next step. Now that that's done, we are taken to the quote builder to start inputting details. The first thing we see is the version section. Now this shows us all the versions that have been created so far. Please note that you cannot have more than one version published at a time.

This will supersede the other versions. If we click the three dots on the right hand side, there is a small menu of options we can take. The first is duplicate version. This would normally be used on a published quote to copy the information into a new version, but in draught so we can make changes.

Next is email. You can do this at any stage, but the customer will only be able to use the accept or decline options if the quote is published next we can print. And below this view, the quote as a PDF selecting create job from version will create a new job entirely using the information from the quote you have selected. The three dots on lastly is the void version. Please note. Voided quotes will still appear in the versions list.

As Fergus shows the history of the versions below this section, we have the formatting tools. This header follows you as you scroll up and down the page so you can easily use any of the tools here. From left to right, we have the percentage icon. This is where we can apply markups and discounts from Next is the pencil. This is the default formatting options for the layout of the quote. This allows you to customise the look of the quote by showing or hiding parts of the quote.

Also here, you can change the font size on the quote, The next icon is the cog. This is for bulk actions. This is only shown once you have selected a couple of line items on your quote. You can select this to combine line items, apply rules to the selected items, change the tax rate or move the items to a different section of the quote. Then we have the calendar icon to change the date of the quote.

We can also change the validity period for the quote. If it needs to be longer or shorter, the red flag raises a query. If your customer has any questions raised for this quote and moves the quote to the queried column on the status board the envelope allows you to email the quote. The speech bubble allows you to send an EMS to the customer.

The printer allows you to print, and the arrow pointing at a computer allows you to download a PDF copy of the quote. The trash can deletes the quote on the far right you can toggle between preview and edit. This means that at any stage you can check to see what the customer sees. If we move down a little, we can create a new version or on the right hand side, publish the quote by either printing or emailing using the boxes at the top. We can change who the quote is addressed to.

If you have multiple contacts, we can also use the attention field to have the person specifically mentioned here. and lastly, the address will be populated. Now we have the heading by default. The heading will be quote, but we can click here to give our document a name below. This is the description. This is populated by your default description text. But you can also edit this from here if there's anything else to add. Now we come to the sections. Fergus uses sections to add line items as you can't add the items in without it. To add a section, simply type in a name and push enter. In this case, I'll use materials as my heading.

You can, however, also use any favourites you have set up to be the section itself. This will use the name of the favourite as the section title now we can add line items if we start typing. Fergus will show all the items in all price books that contain those characters so you don't have to type out the entire product code. We can also filter out suppliers to only show certain price books by selecting the truck icon. The last icon is for adding favourites to the section. This allows you to bring these in as a section as a combined line item or as individual items. Once you've added everything for the quote, we can check the default photo text to make sure that's correct and move to publish the quote.

In this case, I'll email it when you email a quote from Fergus. This gives your customer the option to accept or decline the quote electronically and feeds back to Fergus. Once the decision has been made, though, you can accept or decline quotes in Fergus manually in the case, the customer rang to confirm or by another means In this case, I'll accept the quote manually. Now that it's accepted, you can see we have a site visit created so we can start work and log out time and materials If at any stage you need to change the quote, you can un accept the quote using this button.

Thanks for taking the time to watch our video. If you have any questions, please get in touch via

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