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Upload Supplier Documents with Ease


Watch this video to learn how to load all your supplier documents into your Fergus account. This training webinar covers uploading supplier CSVs, importing supplier invoices and/or credits manually and assigning them to jobs.


Cheers in one that's joining this morning. Today, we're going to be covering of how to upload a supplier CSV how to manually load in a supplier invoice or credit how to assign these to a specific job. Also had a split supplier invoices between jobs. If you need to. How to ignore invoices that are no longer required. And then how to manage purchases that might come through with a bulk load of invoices but they may just be for stock or for the workshop. So I don't necessarily need to go to a job.

So with that in mind just going to jump across to our other tab that we have available here, which is our Fergus trust account our home screen here. So the first place we want to go to for today's session is to go to supply documents at the very top of the screen. So what we wanted to look at first is pretty much how to load in a CSA file into your supplier documents screen. So the first thing to do is just click on Choose files.

So we've got an option here. Now what I have is a example file that I'm going to be using today. So that's just sitting on my desktop. Your files might be in the Downloads folder. So just have a hand wherever they are saved. But in today's example, I'm just going to get mine from my desktop and then open it up to the page that we get here is how supply c is the input page. So it's pretty much an outline of the recently you suppliers that we've used in this account and in your case, your most recent suppliers but you can also see a list of all other supported suppliers that we have within Fergus. So some supplies that provide CSA may not actually be in this less so in that case, you would need to request to us and see if we can liaise with those suppliers to get a format sorted.

But if you weren't too sure you could load the file in here and just search for your supply that you've got or kind of scroll down the list in this case, the supplier was j. Russell So I'm just going to search. You can also just scroll down. But search for that supply. And then click Import. So what they will do is it's going to bring that invoice through into our jobs you can see there's a little era here. Now, the reason for this is it's actually a good example to outline that if there is an issue on the invoice. It's going to come up here was pretty much a notification for you to double check something here.

So in this case, we've actually got an invoice for an Australian customer in this case of kind of change a few of the details around. But you see he has the expected tax rate is 10% which is the case in a year. And in New Zealand. It's 15% So that's just what's giving us a little area code here. I'm just going to ignore that in this case. But if that was the case, the year, you'd be able to kind of into it in more depth and contact us obviously, if he had any other queries. But in this case, we'll look from the left. We've got our invoice type. It was a credit. It would say credit here the status date and our supplier job order number.

So in most cases, we recommend getting yourself and your team into the habit of putting in the order number on the job. So say, for example, you're working on job 100 and on the first side that that'll be 100 a just to pop it in when you are purchasing the materials makes it easier for one, just to assign it to the correct site visit. But also, if it did say 100 a Fergus would actually match that to the relevant job. And then all you'd need to do is just click a sign. So it won't automatically be assigned to a job you still do have to do that manual step. But the idea behind that is just to ensure that you're actually the final step really in this process, making sure that it does go to the correct job the reference number here as well will be listed as well as the cost.

And you can fill these columns by clicking on these arrows here as well. If you wanted to just look maybe based on date or based on supplier in alphabetical order. And you can also say we can expand the amount of items again sellable Iraq code. But in your case for the majority of the time, you wouldn't have this but it's good just to note that it will shop again. But you can see here, we've got a list of items that are currently unassigned but we've got our extra invoice information as well. So if you needed a bit more information there that is we would want to go. So the first thing also to look at when you're looking at your invoices listed any extra actions that may need to be done will be from the ellipses here. So similar to other sections of Fergus these three dots will always be a place for additional things that you may need to do on these documents.

So a couple of things here to note on our list of things to cover today is how to ignore an invoice. If you did not need it anymore or if it was irrelevant to split an invoice and then also how to deal with it. If it's maybe just stock or for the workshop. So to first cover off if you needed to just assign it to 0 so that if it was something that was purchased just a stock for the workshop or for a specific employee and not linked to any job it would also be relevant if it was mild. But you can click seemed to your accounting package only. So that would then bypass the step of needing to associate it to a job. There are no costs that needed to go there if it was stock you just click here and that within seen the invoice through to your accounting package.

The next thing to note is how to split the invoice. So if we click on this here, if these items needed to go to multiple jobs you could just start searching for the relevant site as it, then it needs to be assigned to. So for example. Or just start popping in a number here number here. And if we needed to find a site visit for that one to go show to see if I can find a job to pop it into. So say, for example, this one here 12 a you can click on that job and just select the items that you actually want to assign. Maybe these two were for 12 a. And you just click a sign. And if we had to do that. Now let's popped it into 12 a. We have the last remaining three. So perhaps these were for a different job then we'd just search for that job here. And then popped it into the other job. So I'm just going to cancel out of here now. So we'll have three items remaining and you can see the status here as it's partially assigned.

So with its assigned status. And if we needed to assign the other three of we need to wait. We can just keep it sitting here. And these supply documents section. And what I would also like to show you, though, is how it would look once you have actually assigned it to a job. So I'm just going to quickly get up to 12 a the job. We just assigned the other two items to and have a way. Look to show you what that would look like from the perspective of going to the job. So just the one thing to note is just supply documents. It's the only tab, we'll look at for today's session. But you can see the one that we've just seen them before. Is this one here. And it is those two items. So that's where it will go. If you needed to look at it specifically on a job.

If we go back to the supply document processing screen we've got our last three sitting there. And if we needed to ignore it for whatever reason, the gain from these three dots that would remove it from the supply document processing screen and likewise the critics the same action would apply cooking on these three dots you'll have these same options. And you can also filter to credits or invoices only you can also filter the table here specifically, as well. If you wanted to just say maybe one specific supplier. You can do that here too. The other thing to note for a lot of your suppliers, you may not actually get a CSV file from them. So they may only seen you PDF if this happens for a lot of our customers. In that case, you would need to add paper invoice into Fergus. So that can be done via the job card. We were looking at earlier.

You can add a purchase from here or credit but if you're starting off a good habit to get into us to do it via the supply documents processing strangest because they will all be listed together, regardless of which job they're at lunchtime. So we'll click Add paper invoice up here. Same would go for a credit. It's the same process applies. You choose your supplier. I'll just chose one about here. The invoice number and a job reference number. So we'll just choose the one from before. If you weren't too sure yet that is also OK. And then just the invoice date. So maybe it was received before the long weekend. So we'll just choose this at night from here, you can choose items from the Price Book that's associated toes. You could stop searching for things here to bring them up to Edelman and you can filter to a specific supplier as well. So if we want to look at Dan's plumbing we could just look for stuff in there. Otherwise we'd just search for the items. I'll just choose simply here to edit in. And once we've done obviously, you can keep building up as much as you need to. And you can also manually add items in as well. So like for example. Yeah And click into and just adjust how much it cost you. So I just literally typed item 1. You can adjust the quantity. The cost price is what it's going to cost you is the business. Michelle Price is the recommended retail that the supply has provided. So we'll just add that information. And once we've added that.

And we're just going to click Complete focus is going to ask you if this is the correct total including text to how much it's cost you to purchase these items. Making sure that it is correct you click Approve. And once you click Approve it's going to shop and the list here. So because we entered the order number is 12 a you can say that Fergus is matched it to that. What we've mentioned earlier, we can say Fergus is matched up. But it has an assignment to that job. You still have to that last little manual step to make sure that it does go into the correct job. It's going to pause the quickly for a moment team and have a look at some questions that have come through. So we've got one here that's asked, how do you turn a receipt into a CSA.

So if this is referring to like a receipt that you've received from a supply for a purchase not sure from this sort of context. It would be a credit card purchase or something not on account perhaps but if it was a receipt, then what you can do if it doesn't need to be paid as you can log that either into a straight into the job card from here. So here I had received an invoice just to make sure that you are accurately tracking your costs on these jobs you could do it there. But it would need to be done manually. So you can't convert anything into a CSV. So if your supplier hasn't seen it across to you in CSV format you would need to just pop it in manually got another one here. Is anyone having audio cutting off. OK Let me know if there is an issue for anyone else. The channel is having some issue with the audio. Apologies if it is the case just flick over or upvote that one. If you guys are having issues with audio as well that Roderigo C has is perfect. So a 50-50.

Let me know if you're having an issue, though tame and I will see if there's anything I can do for my side. We've got one here from Greg any supply docs be assigned and edited from the by an employee a cold chisel asset just confirm that the audio is OK there as well. Thank you so Griggs question the ISO can supply docs be assigned and edited from the by an employee. So the most common scenario great for employees to use supply documents. So there's an option within the app to load what's called an invoice to come. So if we go to our job here as well. So here is for received invoices right. So supply document processing.

Just wait. Well, I received invoices go within the job you were able to actually go to supply documents in this kind of replicates more what you'd see on the app. But from adding a new purchase, you can add what's called an invoice to come. So that is commonly the way that the team would use the invoicing option. So what that means is as long as there a full user with the correct permissions enabled they can go in and go into the specific job working on go into the supply documents section and load what's called an invoice to come related that will tell you that you're expecting an invoice from x supplier on that job and just means that it stays there until you reconcile the actual invoice that's received.

So in terms of supply documents being edited and that sort of thing. Anything related to in depth editing or adding in the actual received invoices will need to be done by the web browser version. So way around that would be to use an iPad if you didn't need the team to kind of get up to that level and added information there. But most commonly great. The way to utilize it on the app is loading what's called an invoice to come. And then you can get it Shut up at the end with the actual received invoice. Hopefully that one helps answer that sort of scenario. Another one here from Vaughn so it's better to raise an invoice to come and spend the time writing a purchase order. That's a good question. One we will be able to go into purchase orders in a future session. But pretty much to quickly cover it off from the app from the app. Yes, it really depends.

So with a purchase order the idea behind a purchase ordering Fergus from the app is if you wanted to order it ahead of time. So sometimes our customers when they starting off can be a little bit difficult as opposed to understand what the difference is between the two. So the purchase order the most common scenario for that is if you wanted to do a pickup or you needed it delivered. Or if you needed to kind of get a pickup sorted that was built on a quota so you can create a purchase order. And bring in information materials specifically from the quote but say it's a charge up job or a quote that you weren't too sure the exact materials that were going to be used.

The best way to do it the best way to manage it would just be if the team are going into your supplier whoever it is. Russell Cary's plumbing world. You can just jump in there and an invoice to come that would definitely be the quickest way just ensuring that they take a photo of kind of whatever documentation they get whether that's a photo of the screen. Even if the employees OK for that to be done. If there's no paperwork, no avoiding the paper system is kind of the key there.

But yeah definitely just getting them to do an invoice to come would be the quickest way to get any information if they've just popped into the store grabbing all the stuff for that job specifically and hitting back and to do the work. So definitely the best way. If that was the case, hopefully that one sorted out and Schnabel and another one here for an invoice slip between jobs and stock. How do you reconcile the stock items once you decide the necessary items to a job. OK That's a really good question.

So jump up back here and say, for example, what these last three items right. So if we imagine that we needed to split maybe one more thing to a specific job. And then the other two to stock. So what you'd want to do here is we'd go split again. And we'd go. I'm just going to keep picking on job 12 and near again, a sign that there. And then what we'll do is we will go out and bought two items left. And then you just click seem to 0 only. So that whole invoice will still go across to zero. It's not just going to be on those toes obviously, it still needs to be paying your supplier for that whole invoice, but in terms of Ferguson's involvement those other two items or however many that were associated to jobs are just there to make sure that those costs are actually being accurately tracked against the specific jobs that were purchased for. And then in the end that whole invoice will go across to 0. And you'll be able to make sure that they hold them voices being paid. But only the costs of being associated to the jobs if that one makes sense. If you got one other one here from Christine I get my team to the supplier.

Oh, please on someone hand into that shows when create invoice shows. Oh, please. OK I'm not 100% sure exactly what you mean Christine's there be another rate of that. So get my team to the supplier. So for example. Oh, please. I'm sort of stuck on here. A case that's like another separate topic that we will need to cover. But OK. Yes sorry. There Christine not 100% sure what you mean, but if the team is entering an invoice to come into the app if they are a time she use or if they don't have a full use a type, whether you're kind of using the stock on hand section as another way around that within a job, potentially the best way to do it. And to sky to make sure it's being reconciled is to make sure that it's being into them as an invoice to come by the app will rebuild a whole other app training at substage 4 the daily webinar. So it's not something that you need to worry about, we will eventually cover it all together. At the moment. It's kind of showing how it all comes into play from the web browser version. But you definitely want to do it as if you have a team out.

And yet, in a nutshell just get in to love it as an invoice to come which means that there's something to expect to associate with it in the best case scenarios. They put a photo there as well, of some sort of documentation that they have received so with all of that in mind the last step that we haven't covered yet from our bullet point list is how to ignore the invoice. So we're going to show you how to quickly do that here. We're going to click Ignore. And so you can say it's telling us it's going to remove the selected document from the list. And then if you need to have it again. Yeah, pretty much give you an outline that you can just re upload. We're going to ignore. So that's removed. As you can see. So you can see it successfully ignore what the one document if you did that accidentally you can undo that is completely fine.

And the last thing that I did on a note is a little tip for you all is just if you needed a list of supply documents in general, because obviously, once have signed up to specific jobs. It's removed from this list. These are active ones that need to be tracked and assigned to jobs. But if you're looking for past supply documents some of you married you know this, but we have a report. So it's called the supply documents report. Pretty simple. There If we go to Reports up the top. So just directly to the right kind of ignore the rest for now. We've got a section later in the week for some staff reporting on Friday. So if you're keen to join that definitely jump in with a couple or a couple of the important ones here. But today it's just on the supply documents report.

So if we click in to hear just the last thing I want to show you for today. So just showing you all of our supply documents here. So because it's a taste account, you can see it's quite messy. So we've got a few things that have failed validation but also that's helpful. You know as you can see kind of what's going on there. But for you within your account. The best place to go. If you're looking for past supply documents overall, not specifically linked to a job but just maybe from a specific supplier. You can filter here. So deeply have a play around with it into filtering this report and having a look, if you're just curious to see some past invoices get a little bit more familiar with this screen. But you can see here, you can filter out to your ignored ones. For example, maybe your critics or just overall to a specific supplier. I'll use one that we've done today.

So we've only got one from today. But you can see also a date range filter by invoice number showing all the ones within your accounting package and all the ones that aren't. That's a good way to see if there's any that have failed. If you needed to kind of looking back, you would have already received the notification that we saw earlier, but if you kind of needed an overall report on that. So that's definitely something else that I would recommend taking a look at and looking at within your Fergus account if you haven't yet already. So with all of that in mind just one last kind of call to you guys, if you had any questions to cover off in the last few minutes that we have. If you did kind of have anything that pops up afterwards into your mind that you wanted an answer to.

As always we've got our amazing support team that are here to help as well. So keep their information up on the screen here. The phone number and the email contact at the bottom right of your Fergus account is always a little blow a bubble as well, which is the chat function. So feel free to just jump in there. Ask them if they asked me questions you need. If you need some help. And also just request if you did need a recording of this video, we're currently working on building a specific page for past recordings but in the interim, we can send you out a individualised link. So just feel free to let us know there as well. If you needed to. But if there was no other questions that no one else had. Oh no. We've got. There we go.

A couple of others. Awesome she has guys. So we've got one here from Vaughn again. I know she oversees the Download button. Yes Can I download multiple orders into a CSA modify it and put it as a is to the Price Book OK. So I understand that one correctly. One what you're asking there is if you can just download multiple record or multiple orders into the CSO a format change it around and then yes. So you actually could do that. So that would be kind of like a customized CSV Price Book So if you did want to do that.

Definitely that's entirely possible. If you need any help it would be definitely a specialized self created Price Book for that supplier but that would give you the option to kind of search for their items. If they don't have a Price Book that they've provided you. So definitely give it a try. Let us know if you needed any help. Adele would it be a good idea to set up a demo client to try these things out. That's definitely a good idea and it's quite handy like even just using your self maybe as like as a test customer creating a job in there. And then just adding in potentially like a paper invoice. So the version that you do if it was a PDF just to get a feel for what it would look like and kind of assigning and in practice maybe splitting between the jobs you can definitely do that. And then just archiving those jobs once you are done. So Yeah, for sure the last couple or last question from Melissa before we wrap up. So can you get a report for like the supply document report for the invoices to come.

So I can find all and matched invoices to come without going into each job. So we don't have a report for that one, Melissa. But the way to manage it is within your dashboard without going into kind of too, of course, they're running a dashboard in the back costing column, there is a section in there that will allow you to. It's called supply reconciliation. So it will allow you to have a list of all the jobs that need that. So that would be an alternative solution. So just going into your debt dashboard that costing column in then it's the orange section in the vehicle supply reconciliation and that one should help you out in one last one from Julie before we wrap up. What's the best way to manage stock purchases at these honest, I see it with a job. OK, Joyce you made your point a little bit later. But there is an option to Justin that your accounting package. So again, if you wanted to pick up a message either to support it Fergus or the blue bubble at the bottom right of your screen that will give you the option to reach out to the support team. We can see to you that the link to the original station you'll be at a kind of double check that from earlier on. But she has everybody.

Thank you so much for joining today. It's been great having you. Feel free to jump in tomorrow. We're going to be going over invoicing I charge up job. And then the day after invoicing a quoted job. So hopefully all the. 


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