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Training Webinar | Covid-19 Form Templates


Contact tracing is a requirement of doing business for the duration of the Covid-19 outbreak, which is why we created some simple templates for you to use to track person-to-person contact on-site or with the office.

Watch this video in which we cover frequently asked questions around the use of our Covid-19 contact tracing form templates.


All right, Nate I think we good to go. So good morning again, guys. My name is Dan, I'm part of the customer success team here at Fergus. And today we're going to take a look at the custom forms once more. However, this time we're not really going through a tutorial on how to create uniforms rather would be addressing a lot of the questions that have been coming through since releasing the rather creating that form templates in your accounts for the coronavirus outbreak and helping to manage that.

So let's start off, I want to start off with a few. With the commonly asked questions that are coming through to the support team a lot of people are saying that they are loading forms onto their jobs. But then unable to access them from the mobile app. So I want to show you a really basic example of what might be the issue there. I've got a few ideas.

And I show you. So in my job here. I can access forms from the toolbar on the left side of the screen. And I can also access forms within the site visit. Now if I was to add a form to the job. I'd say, look out for the on site COVID 19 for this form as a part of job number 82. However, it's not necessarily a part of site visit 82 a note that is not accessible here this form. As for the project as a whole. However, if I plan to break this job down into multiple site visits those site visits will not have access to this. Generally speaking, what I would recommend is to rather than adding your forms here. Add them to the site visits and state. This makes it a lot easier for your team to access those forms Now when I see this happening all the time. Notice that this form is attached to the job whereas I'm going to open my site visit the form section and add in a. Take five full now.

Pull here who's been assigned or rather scheduled for the site visit. He has immediate access to that form. However, a poll won't necessarily have access to this form here. The COVID 19 tracking form or tracing form because this forms on the job and not on the site visit depending on pulls permissions here he could from his phone access the parent part of the job job out job number 82 and forms through there. However, most of your staff will not have those permissions. It's not a permission. I see enabled for most people. More likely a permission for your team leads and things like that, your time she'd only users. They will not have access to the job itself only to the site visits where you assign them. So if your time she uses to be able to fill out forms and exit forms there must be added to the site visit as opposed to the job itself. Another question. I see coming up quite a lot is looking through use of permissions. So I have a time she'd only use it here to begin work with.

And let's take a look at permissions for this user use you can fill up forms. So it really honestly, these are all basic stuff. This person can manage a form that Spain well let's break that down music and manage a form. Instance a form instance is the created form if I go back to my job these here are forms they haven't been started. There's been no work on them. These are slightly different to form templates, which are what we're working on back here. These are several different form templates. So when we're looking at the permissions for my time she'd only use a these are referring to being able to actually fill out those forms the form instance. This also gives this user the permission to access forms that have been assigned to a group that Barry is a part of. So to show you an example of that if I open my site visit once more open the form. And on the right. If I sign this form not to a person, but rather to a group of the electrical team here. If Barry time should only use if it's a part of this group. The other group. And he has this permission enabled, which it doesn't in this case. He will also have access to that form more commonly I see forms being assigned to specific stuff. Absolutely fine. But if your team is operating with groups inside of you folks account, make sure that we have this permission here enabled so that all of the people. So that this user can access forms that have been assigned to the group that he is a part of looking at permissions. Now not necessarily for a time she use it. But let's look for a full user course is minimal options available here. The last three that we're looking at here. Look So submitting and submitting a form instance that's referring to a form site of a job once it's been completed, I can submit this form because I'm a full user and I have the permissions in place first time she uses may not be able to. So I really do encourage you to take some time and read through the different options here see as the question there from Nick what about if a site visit has a few days booked an absolutely fine. That's a good point.

If our site visit here if we plan to be on the site visit for a number of days, you may need a different form for every day. It really depends on the form that you're working with. If we're referring to the contact tracing form. I would recommend to have just the one form. But we could just add additional fields. This format as a default, this form is designed for the day. So perhaps adding a new form for each day that this job is taking place or we can simply alter the form alter the template to add an additional fields for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday et cetera the form that we've put together for you here is just a guideline. Feel free to make whatever adjustments. So it is that you need. And on that point, let's look at the form templates. So we have one form template for your office staff and another form template here for the team out in the field. Now Forms need to be tied to jobs or to site visits whereas, of course, we have this form here for the office to use what I'm going to recommend that we do in this case is create a job, but I'm just going to call it a charge up to. So this job will be created in my account. I will not assign staff and I will not schedule anyone. I will not be recording any cost inside of the job because I don't want to mess up any of my records as long as this job stays empty that will not skew any of the data in your account. However, I will be adding the office contact tracing during covered '19 full for your office staff who need to record contacts with any customers deliveries that are being brought on site. We still want them to fill out that form. We want to give them that data that safety net. So giving them a job or a site visit where they can still access the form and record the details. It is really, really important. A lot of people will we're asking you know if this would mess up their reports as long as you don't record any other details here. There's no labor costs no material costs. This report will not show up in excuse me this job with a site visit will not show up in your whip report. And it will not skew those figures this comes through my list of questions I have here on the background. A lot of people were questioning as well saving a form versus submitting a form. And I just want to reiterate, if this form is not complete. Perhaps you have done some of you have filled out some of the form and your team need to fill out the rest. Do not click Submit only submit at the very final stage. In fact, for a lot of people. You may find it easy just not to submit it or your team can go out and work during the day and leave the form as being in progress and your office staff can submit at the final stage once the form has been completed. So we can fill in some details.

Click Save this form is now marked as being in progress. And it can stay this way until the end of the job at which point the office team can submit that form once the form has been submitted. We'll be able to access the form from here to be mocked as a submitted form. And we can open this up and send it away to the customer. If we need it from here. But you'll notice that there's also a copy saved to the false and photos tab, we can access from here. Also this is another question. A lot of people are getting a bit confused with, again, just pausing for a moment to go through the questions I have saved here the questions I have here are regarding editing the templates specifically the template that we offered out last week and how to enter in a few more fields for photos that you may need to take off site how to less contact details whether it's for your internal staff or for the customer or site context. Let's hit back into sittings it's forms and it will have a play with the office version of the form action necessary make a lot more sense if we use the insightful. All right, cool. Now, a lot of these system tags are already in place. If we need a field where your team can record contact details for the other staff who have joined them well we want to do is list a few short text fields was the best place to pop these. Dropping these extra elements so that your team have an area where they can record the contact information for the other people who have joined them on site if our team also need to take photos of these jobs or the sites that they are working on. We can give them a few field set photos and to their questions come through here from Kirk. How do we email the contact tracing form to customers. We have tried this early in the week. It did not come through. And I care. Let's take a look at that quickly save the form. I've been working on and open up my job that I was playing with earlier. Was there any particular era that was coming up for you. Cook I wonder. When you were emailing the vet for with the massive uptake with form usage since the forms being added to everyone's accounts over the last week there have been a couple of different bugs that have been reported. Our team are really putting in the work to make sure these bugs are resolved as quickly as possible. So let's take a look. Let's complete one of these forms a secret test by email link it yourself. The first screenshot came up Canada's curious sorry I'm only sharing my chrome screen. I'd love to share the full desktop view to see the form itself. So my form has saved correctly.

I head back to my site as it open the forms tab open the submitted form and email this out to the supplier to the customer. Of course, your customers email address would normally preload there. But because there's no email site for this customer as we were just tasting it. I'll put it in myself. Another question from Nick. Not really. But covered on. But we are taking this opportunity to update our health and safety using forms we are creating. J.s. is which we would like to annex. Health and Safety module with focus on YouTube video shows pre-populated swims and hazards. We don't have these. OK All right. So I'm worried that the YouTube videos you might be feeling. Are we have a series of tutorial videos that are quite outdated. However, the swims and heads that you saw preloaded should still appear. You are a little off topic, but I'll still take you there on the health and safety tab. We have some templates or rather the some shit so these should be preloaded in your account. However, there would be any data sheets. But the swims they should be in your account already. You can upload more you can upload your own if you have them a lot of groups that I work with already have. They aren't documents you can then go through and create health hazard templates. These also should be preloaded into your account, but you can go ahead and create your own laptop right. I'll take down a quick note might get in touch with the afterwards perhaps we'll take a look at your account together see what's going on. I've just noticed any name at all. Have a look with you at the moment after the session. All right. OK Yeah. No no worries mate. Worst case, I'll just download the copies that I have and email them for you to use. But we'll take a look at that later on. All right. So I don't see any more questions coming through around the forms themselves. So I guess we'll start to wrap up, that if any other questions do come up after the session. Please get in touch with our support team. They are very busy at the moment, but they are doing their very best to get in touch with everyone as quick as they can. Otherwise, get in touch with your success. I manage it myself. Kristi Lucy or Mel. We're all here to help. We need to extract a free form for every staff member. Short answer is yes. The best way to be accurate is to have a form per person, or at least have a field in your form for each person to fill out some of the groups that work with have one form per person. Some groups have one form per job and they simply create additional fields for your team, for their team to enter in the details. A questionnaire for Melinda. Do we have a drawing field available to sketch something quickly. Unfortunately, no not at the moment. However, what you can do is use Skoda forms to seize this literal form as an example where you can do is use the photo capture. Your team could jot down their one little sketch. I know most people using their notebooks to make this sketches and just take a photo of that. That image is the thing saved against the form. Or you could save that photo against the job itself in the files and photos. Excuse me in the files and photos tab for the rest of the team to have access to where we don't currently have a field where you can draw out a sketch on your phone.

I feel like most of the guys I work with actually get really, what are they cool at trading thumbs right. And I have issues drawing out the sketches on their funds. Some people would do it really well, but a lot of the old boys' I work with. I could just imagine getting really frustrated. But again, it's a really good point. Maybe it is something that we need to look at adding in the future. The ability to make little sketches in the apps and in the jobs. All right, guys. I guess we'll wrap it up there. Like I said before, if you have any other further questions get in touch with our support team or get in touch with your customer success managers were all here to help we'll do our best to look after. Well 

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