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Training Webinar | Forms



Watch this video for a step-by-step guide to using Fergus' Form feature.


My name is Dan and set up going to cover the custom forms primarily we'll be looking at how to create a COVID 19 contact tracing form but all of the tools we're going to look at today, you'll also be able to use to create any other form that you really will be using with inside of your organization. All right with that out of the way.

Let's jump into it.I've got my first account here and hitting into sys settings and scrolling down to the bottom of the screen to forms. Now, if you don't already have forms enabled on your account, you will need to head to billing and it will be under your add-ons tab. That will be that I personally think it's one of the best things that Fergus has put out in a while. It is admittedly a little bit confusing to understand first time around. But that's what the session here is for we'll look at the different tools that we use in a bill the build these forms.

Look at how to bring them onto your jobs and we'll show you how to assign these to your stuff as well. So we've already got a number of forms that I've built in my account. But what I'm going to do is create a new template in the top right corner of. So here we are.Basic empty template to start with. Going to go ahead and give this and your name right.

Now on the right side of the. These are the different elements that we can use to populate our form some of these are instructional elements where we are leaving information for our team and some of these are data entry elements where our team can be an input information, whether it's writing out short text fields dropping the date time multiple choice or single choice checkboxes and of course, they can upload your own photos and sign these forms as well for today's forum.

It's going to be really basic I'll be using several short text fields. I'll be using a date and put and I'll leave a bit of instructional information for the team as well. So to use any of these elements, we simply click and drag and drag these out. I'm going to start by clicking and dragging out short text. It's going to drop that onto my screen. And if I scroll up. I've got my short takes filled appear here.

I'm actually going to bring on that. I think of these two short texts and a date for now. All right. So I've now got three different elements. And by clicking on either of these, you can see that a little blue line appears so I know which one I'm selecting every element will have a label failed well, we can put effectively a header but we can on the right here, we can in the settings field remove that label. So it's not relevant you know what I should have done is taken a hitting first, let's click and drag out, hitting not go section section, I'm to track that up to the top, you can see how that line kind of jumps around.

I want that at the top of my screen. And I'm going to leave a bit of an instruction here for the team. All right, cool. So this here is a section. Notice a little dropdown area here. The section inside this form will work very similar to sections inside of your quotes and your invoices. We use these sections to bring a bit of order to the form. So now I'm going to hover over this little error here I see it in the changes to a little hand. It's going to click and drag and bring that section up.

See how it kind of snaps to the right a little bit. So this element is now inside of the section. So if I click here with this arrow was can see how that element kind of disappears and reappears I'll do the same for these elements as well. So what we want is for our team to note down. Everyone who visits this job site. And if this job is going to take place of a multiple days. I want to make sure of I can specify who visits Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday et cetera so we're going to create a few different fields for our team to into the stuff.

People really could visit this job site Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. First, we want to put down some basic information about the location sun. And I changed my light, which is a job address. And this is where our team will be to write down there just of the job they were working on. And because this form will soon we're going to create a form of this template inside of a job card shortly.

There's no point making our team write down the injuries every single time. So what we're going to use is a system tag you might have seen on this great text type a fashionable to add a system tag or leave a blank for the end user to complete this field. So what we're going to do is type out a little hash symbolises see this little drop down menu appear loads of different options. And this list and I encourage you it is important read through that list because you'll start to see the applications for this. A lot of this information are things that you've already put on your job. But you've already figured out who the billing customer will be.

You've figured out who the not so much these things in a payment terms physical side address. In fact, that's what I'm going to use her physical side address. So now my team don't have to write the address it'll be pre-loaded based on the system tag saves your team a lot of time there. And enough to interrupt that field that's already done for them. Let's say starting and our team will put through the date call. It's not a bad start. But what I want to do is lay this out a little more. So it's a lot easier to read. So these elements I like to think of this form as in a full page. These elements currently span the whole page. So if I select this element or from the right, we can change the size k So we can fit two or three elements next to one another. I want the date to sit next to the job address. It's also put down. Let's use another system tag. It's going to type out description.

And I'm looking for the site description perfect all right as the basics for my form. I'm going to now bring out a second section. And this time around, I'm going to bring out seven different short texts. It's going to start with the bottom much straight 123-4567. All right, cool. I'm going to sit these to be half size inside that section under size bring that up here as well. It's not required to put these elements inside of sections. I prefer to do this because it makes the form a lot easier for me to work with it really. It's just a matter of preference. End of the day. Sighs well I'm filling out this form, I see there's a question in there from Wendy. You've created a form. We try to use it in the form, it doesn't show and displays an era. OK That's curious. Forms is very, very new for us here at Fergus. So if you do find a little bug like that let us know what I might do when don't I know this down as I'll give you will call after the session and we'll figure it out to you. I've got a few other things on today. But I'll make sure that we look into this together. All right, so there's a couple of people at the same measure I see that it's Timothy. All right. We'll take a look into those together after this. In the meantime, perhaps send a message to the supporting you and you'll be able to access them by hovering over the little question mark. The top of your screen. You can access our training training videos help center. But get in touch with the support team. I'll make sure that I reach out to you guys as well, as much as I can today. But our support team will probably be the best bet. All right.

This form is very basic I've just got instructions for my team and field where they can list the address of the job description will be preloaded for them. I want them to list the date for the week, starting today. This was. And then fields where they can then train all the different people who interact with them at the job site. And we can also have your team leader. This could be your site foreman. Who is this relevant click here. Say a previous. So it's only a very basic form of not put anything fancy in here. But it would do the trick. All right, I'm going to go ahead and publish and figure out this give me a little wanting to say, hey, look, you're missing something in the template. And it's highlighted this element to tell me that this is what's missing. I don't have a added element label here I cheat a little bit sometimes and I'll just hit spacebar if I don't necessarily want a label in there. But Rule right in here. All right. Maybe I'll go ahead and publish. Easy peasy. So that is our new form template. Now to use this template inside of your job cards and into the dashboard as I'm finding this new job that we're going to use to practice with. I see your question in there Shirley what I normally do as I scroll through the list with my scroll wheel. I find that's a much more effective way to get through that list to give me. This is a form.

I was playing with before, so I'm going to go in and delete that first. And we just start from scratch. Kill so I mean, my job card I've got my customer's details I've got my site here then I'm working on my site description and it's this forms field here inside of your job cut. So we can assign the form to the site visit one await a where I can assign the form to the job not any particular site, there's a job one or eight in this case, I personally prefer to assign these forms to the site visit it means that anyone who's been assigned to the site does it will have really easy access to the forms that would be what I encourage you to do as well. So I'm going to add a form from the right side here got a list of all of my published forms. I emphasize that because if you don't see the form that you're looking for on this list head back to Settings really quick head down to your forms and make sure that the form has been published all right. Here we go. Back at my job cut at full. And this guy here.

We've just created. And this my full contact tracing COVID 19. If I click on that link, it will open up the full ready for me to fill out. You can see in the purple text the system tags that we input earlier have been pre filled for me. It's such address has been loaded the site description has been loaded. We can still make changes that that's absolutely fine. Meantime I'll leave it as is now at the top right corner here under this little settings cog I can assign this form to a specific staff member to make sure that that person gets this phone completed for us. So I can assign this to Adrian and I can give him a due date for this job as well, rather for this form. All right. Posey for a moment go through some of these questions because they're coming through pretty quick. Shirley when I put the I putting the hash symbol I can't access the whole list. What move down to show them all. Like I said before forgive me is to just growth through using your mouse. Well, that's a lot easier. Ultimately you can start typing if you're looking for something in particular. You can stop talking if you're looking for a dress just start typing interests and you see all the different attacks that are similar to this.

That's what I normally do instead of scrolling through the list. But first, I'm here scroll through, see what is and see what's there. And you'll start to figure out the applications for the system tags equivalently from the phone. Can you have the form automatically be assigned to all jobs you create rather than having to assign a separately. And the short answer is no. You will need to assign I create the form inside of each new job. I can understand where you're coming from in that. And you said in your case, you want that for money for your job. But we can't really assume that that's going to be the case for all customers. So we've lifted as is for the meantime create the templates and then create the forms inside of your jobs strolling for the list. Darren, I see a question here is the list for the job. The individual uses on their job. So this form has been assigned to these site visit. Any person who has got access to the site as an sign couple of people now all three of these people will have access to this form. And in this particular case, I've also assigned to the form specifically to Adrienne. So he now gets a notification that he's got to come out and fill this form, the questionnaire from Shirley can you attach a form to a staff name instead of a job, perhaps with the contact tracing for me, it would be better to attach to the timesheet it's a move around to a lot of sites be more simple for staff having the form on every job.

I hear where are you coming from the short answer is the form can only be assigned to a site visit or a job. I definitely see your thought process behind having the form given to a person. The downside there is he would still have to fill out a lot of this information. If I give this form to Adrienne. He visits three jobs today, he has to write down on this form, the address, the time and the people he's interacted with at each of those different jobs whether he's carrying around a sheet of paper or not noting all of this done at each site or whether we put this for one every job and Adrian gets there and he signs on and says, all right go Adrian was here on this day. And then he can write. He can just jot down who was here on each of these different job sites Alfredo's question. Can you assign a specific form to every job created automatically.

We kind of answered this one previously you will need to manually create these forms inside of the jobs where they are relevant and Melinda's questionnaire if an assigned deadline form for a staff member. It hasn't been completed look show up is a pending task. For example notifications also is a relationship between forms tasks and checklists can they refer to each other. And can you demonstrate. That's an awesome question. If a form is reaching the deadline there can be a reminder. So I have opted not to include her my day here and only because Adrian's a real person. I don't want to bother him. In fact, that's a terrible time, I'd like say a so I can see right now what I've done is I've set this form to be completed by Adrian by 3 o'clock on Wednesday. I can see it a reminder. All right. So now Adrian Adrian would get a reminder at 2:30 so 30 minutes before the due time his phone will back at him with focus notification reminding him that he needs to complete this form, and that will, of course, into notification does fun forms to not interact with tasks per se.

Do you could create a task as a reminder of the fullness itself. This assigning here should actually act as a reminder anyway forms and checklists don't interact with one another though they are very similar. And that you can create these checklists or forms in the setting of screen and then assign them to your drug cards et cetera Kresta, your questionnaire is forms easy to use on the mobile app. Honestly it's a brace. What I will do is get my phone up. Bear with me second. I wasn't planning to do this. But I think it is important to demonstrate how the phone will be used with the app as well. So quickly get logged in and I will cast my phone to the screen, which I've not done on a. We've been up before. Fingers crossed this works properly. Every guy's code. So the joke we looking at here is no what I hate. I'm just going to lose so much that when I'm someone the job cut here from my phone or if I scroll further down, I can see you down here.

The site doesn't open that up. And the form has appeared at the top of the screen. Will top of the list opening the form, I can see the forms that have been listed you can see that this form has already got some information listed against that it is in progress. I can add or create a new form based on the templates that I have on my account already. So just to show you how it can be done at the form can see it's not been listed here. Tapping on the form itself. I'm now able to fill out the form that we were creating on the desktop a moment ago. So it's really straightforward. Takes field. There's some things click Done. Cool Now I can go ahead and click Save. The progress on that form has now been saved. Ready to be updated by the next person. Or we could go ahead and click Submit. From the top right. Cushing submit we'll publish that full form has been submitted by this user at this time. And date, we can view the pity effort.

What I'm going to do instead is switch back to the desktop and show you that form is ours. Refresh here in the forms tab, we can see all forms on this job. We can see that this form has been submitted is the second form we added a moment ago has not yet been started effectively. And the files and photos tab, we have the finished form takes a second and. I think that's just my computer. But the form here can easily be sent off to the customer. We can download, we can rename and as with any documents on the files and photos tab when we send an email.

We can quite easily attach these from here. And that is the file attached hope these questions have you finding the right answers for these questions, I'm doing. I we've created a very, very basic contact tracing form here. But once this COVID crisis has passed. I expect that you'll be using these forms for a multitude of things, not just contact tracing. A lot of people is already building forms for health and safety related reasons. The limits. There really isn't a limit to what you can do with these forms. It's a question in here from Natasha Kelley office preload all contacts on site. When jobs are booked preload or contacts on site when jobs are booked. I'm really sorry. I'm not 100% sure at the moment when we add a form to a job. That form. So in this case here I've got my site a the two forms that I've added will be accessible by any of the people who I have assigned or schedules to that site visit I can get a little more specific and assign a specific person oxidizing assign ace guy. Don't click on the wrong damn thing and assign a specific person to that form. This will ensure that he gets notification and he can see that he needs to fill this format and I can also set him a due date and time Jared's question there had a way rename a section. Your phone keeps opening and closing with attempting.

That sounds like a real pain. All right, let's take a look. So this is a phone. We're working on. It's that little Roc where the arrow sitting there at the moment disappears when we're hovering over it. But what I would do is just click out in the middle there. Click over the text that exists. In fact. I wonder if that has nothing in it. Yeah So it's that literal curse that changes just looking for that cursor to change shape. That should work. Last question I'll go through today from Kristin. Can the job be moved to invoicing if the form is not signed off as safety. Management process. Another great question. The triggers that will move our site visit through the different stages I'm not currently looking at the form. So in short, yes, the phone can still move through these different stages. They're just not dependent on the form at this stage however we can stop what you might want to do is start building that into the internal process when it comes to building these invoices check. Are there any forms that I've been assigned to the ciphers at all to this job. Have they been filled that have they've been submitted. You'll see in the notes in history when the forms are added in and who's been looking who's been filling out the forms as well. All right we'd better wrap up there. We're taking you a little bit longer than I was planning to own and make sure that I keep these as close to the time frame as possible. As I mentioned earlier, there is an app support. So hovering over the question mark at the top of your screen. You can reach our training videos.

Our support rather it helps him to and get in touch with supporting the support team will have the link for this video. Once it has been safe for us to send out the trade hub. We'll show you all about how to videos or there are training videos. There's a wealth of knowledge there and you should all be checking it out when you get a chance. If you don't already have these numbers saved, you can reach our nz support line or out a you support lines as follows. Otherwise sending message out to our support team. And they'll do their best to get in touch with you as quick as they can. All right, guys.

I appreciate you making the time to join us today. Look, I know there's going to be plenty more questions about the different forms that you can create. So send them through to our support team. And we'll do our best to look after you. Cheers 


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