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Purchasing and invoicing made easy with Ideal Electrical


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Purchasing and invoicing made easy with Ideal Electrical

Introducing the Ideal Electrical and Fergus integration. Are you sick of wasting time double-checking job details or searching for missing supplier documents at the end of the week?

Now you can reduce the need for double-handling with the integration that creates a simple, streamlined way for you to purchase and invoice for the job at hand, all within your Fergus account.

Check out how with automatic Price Books and Invoicing below.

Price Books

Now you can get Ideal Electrical price books automatically uploaded into your Fergus account at the start of each month.

Get started by connecting your Ideal Electrical Customer Trade Account to Fergus and upload the Price Book overnight. From there, there’s nothing else you’ll need to do! Each month when Ideal Electrical makes updates to their pricing, any changes will automatically update in your Fergus account.

Giving you confidence that you’ve got access to the most up to date promotions and pricing direct from the supplier.

Invoice Reconciliation

Get connected using your Ideal Electrical Customer Trade Account to Fergus and your invoices will be sent straight to Fergus when available, automatically pairing them to the corresponding job in Fergus.

This means you’ll have a complete invoice in Fergus, ready to be sent to the customer as soon as the job’s done so that you can get paid pronto.

Start using the Ideal Electrical integration now

Check out this video on how you can connect your customer account to Fergus.

Visit our Help Centre to learn how to get started with the Ideal Electrical integration.

Not on Fergus yet?

Get started with a Free Trial here, and start using this integration straight away.

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