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How Fergus’s Mobile Invoicing works & Setting It Up


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How Fergus’s Mobile Invoicing works & Setting It Up

We know 28 day payment terms are the norm for a lot of trade businesses out there. We get it, the monthly payment cycle is pretty standard for everyone to get paid what they’re owed and pay what they owe.

But, why wait 28 days? Why not collect payments as soon as you can and get that cash flowing into your business?

That’s why we’re introducing mobile invoicing. Now, you and your team can create an invoice and collect payment direct from your smartphone. All before leaving the job site.

No more driving back to the office to build and then send your invoice. No more waiting 28 days to get paid (or chasing up those pesky late payments).

Invoicing and payment collection can be done and dusted right after the job is finished.

How does it work?

When the job is done, you can either create an invoice from an accepted quote or build one from scratch in the Fergus mobile app.

Then, once your customer has approved the invoice, the payment can be processed using Fergus Pay powered by Stripe - our secure credit card payment solution.

Manage when and how you get paid

We introduced mobile invoicing for one reason - we want to help you get paid as soon as humanly possible.

Why? Well, we all know cash flow can cause trouble for any trades business - especially one that’s just starting out.

Anything you can do to get your invoice out the door quicker is going to help you get paid faster. Giving your customers the option of paying by credit card right there and then is an added bonus.

For a guide on managing cash flow, take a look at these top tips.

How do I get set-up?

If you’re an existing Fergus user, it’s simple to get started. Follow this guide to get setup now.

If you’re not with Fergus but would like to take mobile invoicing for a test drive, sign up for a free trial.

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