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How Ben and Elliot moved their electrical business onto Fergus


Meet Ben and his team of hard working sparkies

Ben's role


Business started


Size of business

11 staff (now)


Gold Coast

Introducing Ben, Elliot and the team

Ben and Elliot met in the mining boom and then in 2015 decided to go out on their own and start KVA Group, an electrical business specialising in residential and commercial electrical work, fit-outs, air con and solar installations. They’ve got a real family culture full of hard-working, honest blokes.

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Before Fergus we would use a massive paper-based model. It was hard to keep track of labour, materials or figure out how to use them on other jobs. It was pretty tough to get through all that.
Ben Davis, Co-Owner, KVA Group
Life before Fergus

What Ben and Elliot were struggling with

Paper based frustrations

Ben and Elliot used to run a site diary on all their sites which made it really hard to explain variations to customers down the track. To make things worse, none of the guys knew what materials they had in stock, so they’d all go and buy new instead of sharing stock they had on hand. Surely but slowly, materials costs piled up in the business and it became more and more difficult to see why.

Job tracking

Using an online calendar just wasn’t cutting it when it came down to efficiently managing the team and tracking jobs.

Over-ordering materials

With a lack of visibility of materials on hand, over-ordering resulted in a surplus of materials and unnecessary spending.

Explaining variations

Not having a clear record of job costs resulted in a lot of awkward conversations with customers about variations.

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Why they chose Fergus

Making the change to Fergus and what was involved

How we managed the change to Fergus

Knowing they needed job management software to help with managing their business, Ben and Elliot started their free trial with Fergus. They were immediately happy with the level of service and training provided to both them and their team to get them up and running. The bonus, it was even easy for their subcontractors to use. All they had to do was download the Fergus app and they were ready to go.

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They were straight back to us with any questions that we had and the training sessions were in depth.
Ben Davis, Co-Owner, KVA Group
Zero commitment

A free trial with Fergus allowed Ben and Elliott to experience first-hand the impact that Fergus would have for them.

No question unanswered

The level of service and care provided by the Fergus team along with free training completely removed any fear or anxiety.

Getting the team on board

The Fergus mobile app kept things simple for the team, all they had to do was download the app and they were ready to go.

The Fergus difference

How Fergus solved the problems they were having

Seamless quoting and invoicing

Once the job has been created, they build and send a quote and then on completion - they simply invoice from the job and send it off in two clicks. Being able to go from quote to invoice in just a few clicks has made things much smoother.

Scheduling made easy

Scheduling and assigning jobs out to tradies has never been easier, all they have to do is assign tradesmen to the job in Fergus and switch off. No more texting everyone their schedules each night.

Capturing time and materials

Accurately capturing time and materials on the job means all costs are recorded against the correct job, making invoicing customers easy.

Accounting Integrations

We work with accounting software including Xero and MYOB to make sure your financial information goes to the right place.

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Free Training Support
Free Training & Support

We offer free lifetime training and support to make sure you and your team are comfortable managing jobs in Fergus, at no extra cost.

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The result

Where are they now

What KVA Group looks like today

Since getting started with Fergus, Ben and Elliot’s professional and personal lives have started looking up. Over the first 12 months with Fergus they had a 60% increase in business growth and hired four new staff, bought two new vehicles secured a commmercial lease and got back to enjoying running their electrical business. These days they have a lot more time on their hands for family, and weekends are now wide open and stress-free.

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