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Trades businesses should try and keep their teams hours 85% billable. We make tools to help you get there.

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Organise your team

Keep your team organised

Keep your team busy by giving them all the information they need in advance and reducing down-time between jobs.

Drag & Drop Scheduling

Easily see at a glance who can be scheduled to a job and notify them instantly.

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Instant Job Notifications

Keep your team updated on changes to job scope, location and more with Push Notifications.

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Next Day Scheduling

Make sure your team know where they need to be in an hour, this afternoon, and tomorrow.

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Turning quotes into POs makes it easy to order in advance so the team can pick everything up at once.

communicate effectively

Everything about the job at the tips of your fingers

Make it easy for everyone to access anything important about the job.

Notes, History and Photos

Keep track of progress on site or leave a note for the next team working on the job.

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Notice Board

Tell everyone to update their time entries for the week or say happy birthday to a team member.

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Time Entries

Use the start/stop timer to record time spent on site or manually add time later on.

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Warn the next person visiting the site about a hazard or log compliance.

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Track efficiency

See how your team is really doing

Keep on top of productivity and make sure your team are where they need to be.

GPS Tracking

See where your team are and where they've been throughout the day.

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Real-time job information

Access up-to-date information in the job card to see what's happening on-site.

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Employee Summary

See how many hours your employees worked vs. how many were billed.

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“Our guys on site love it as it is super simple to use for them and realistically it cuts down their paperwork too.”

Wayne, Managing Director, EPG Solar
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Free Training & Support

We offer free lifetime training and support to make sure you and your team are comfortable managing jobs in Fergus, at no extra cost.

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Accounting Integrations

We work with accounting software including Xero and MYOB to make sure your financial information goes to the right place.

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